History of Candy

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Welcome to our History of Candy page!

When you love candy, you may start thinking about yourself as a sort of candy aficionado. You know all the ins and outs of your favorite brands. You've tasted all the newest flavors, and probably have an opinion or two to share. But do you know the histories of the sweet treats you crave? Chances are, you're a little dusty on those facts. That's when our candy history pages swoop in to help! 

From cult classics to newer models, we have a History of Candy page for all kinds of sweet treats. For instance, did you know that the Charleston Chew was named after a dance popular in the 1920’s? Did you know that chewing gum has been around for thousands of years? Or that jelly beans were given to Union soldiers during the Civil War? So now you can study up on some of your favorites and whip out some unique facts at the next party. And since people love talking about food, you can liven up that conversation with some sweet intrigue. 

We're candy lovers at heart, too, and we thoroughly research each and every article we write. But, if you're in a life or death situation, you may want to double check your candy facts, first. 

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