We thought our mints and peppermints page needed a motto, so we decided it should be “Live Fresh” (our sincere apologies to Lance Armstrong for the blatant theft). We know it’s not very creative, but the only other things we could come up with were, “Down with Coffee Breath” and “Got Mints?”

So, live fresh with our great selection of mints and peppermints below that includes all of the most popular brands, like Certs, Breathsavers, Mentos, and Tic Tacs.

If you want to live fresh creatively, browse the unusual Choward’s line of mints, starring Choward’s Lavender Mints, Choward’s Peppermints, and Choward’s Spearmints. We also carry the “curiously strong” Altoids in several varieties, plus Angel Mints, Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints, and plenty more.

If you can think of a better motto for our mints and peppermints page, feel free to let us know. That way we can focus on what we are best at: candy.

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