With more candy flavors than there are elements on the periodic table, you will find just what you need here, sorted by flavor to make shopping a snap.

Our flavors of candy include all the classics like banana, cherry, lemon, and raspberry, and an equally large variety of unusual candy flavors, like coffee, hot and spicy, peach, and sour candy. Plus, we have some flavors that are so unique they earned their own Unusual Flavors page where you can find Chili Pepper Lollipops, Horchata Lollipops, and even Tequila Lollipops and Margarita Lollipops. Sounds like happy hour!

Shop by candy flavor to snag the perfect thing for your next special occasion, for the Girl Scout meeting, or for the candy dish on your office desk. Because we have sorted our flavors of candy so precisely, you can shop specifically for caramel candy so the people at work who like to hover over your desk and distract you will be occupied, at least for a few minutes, with chewy caramel creams. That's time enough to send a few emails. You’re welcome.

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