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Nothing is better than enjoying candy all year long, but shipping can be tricky in hot weather.

We don’t let that stop us, so take heart and read on. We got this covered!

Are you shipping your box of goodies to (or through) a high-temperature area?

Please arrange delivery to an air-conditioned location (i.e., your office) where your package will quickly be brought indoors.  Otherwise, UPS will leave packages outdoors, which is unkind to candy. Don’t be cruel.

We offer ice packs and Thermo Cases to keep candies cool (see below) as well as several shipping methods to get your treats to your doorstep in tip-top shape. Below is a  list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you choose shipping methods that work for you and your chocolate covered cherries.

Can you guarantee that my candy will arrive in perfect condition?

All candy that leaves our temperature-controlled warehouse is was inspected and verified to be in perfect condition.  Despite best efforts, we cannot guarantee that your candy will arrive in excellent condition and are unable to issue refunds or replace products damaged by extreme temperatures. 

When is candy shipped?

In June, July, August, and September, we ship Monday through Thursday to limit time in transit so that your order doesn't sit over the weekend in a non-airconditioned warehouse.

Will perishable candy last more than 3 days in transit?

Through years of careful, pseudo-scientific observation, we conclude that perishable candies, such as chocolate or gummi candies, will not last longer than three days in transit. Trust us.

When shipping West of the Mississippi, we recommend you choose one of our discounted Expedited Shipping Option such as 2-Day Shipping or Overnight Delivery. We also recommend that you select a Thermo Case and an appropriate amount of ice packs.  If you have questions, give us a call or send an email. We can walk you through it.

The good news is that all orders will be in transit for no longer than three business days regardless of your location.

Will a thermo case protect my favorite candy?

Thermo Case, without ice packs, will not offer adequate protection against heat although it will protect fragile items such as candy sticks or candy canes.  A Thermo Case used in conjunction with ice packs: nearly bullet-proof as long as the time in transit remains two days or less.

How many ice packs does it take?

We suggest you purchase one ice pack per perishable candy item ordered (think of it as one life vest per passenger). 

How long do ice packs last?

Ice packs won’t last longer than three days.  In sweltering temperatures, ice packs may last only two days. Once you get them, the ice packs are reusable and make a perfect accompaniment for a lunch bag, picnic basket or cooler.

Which candies are the most perishable? 

Any candy that is made of chocolate or a gelatin byproduct may be damaged by temperature extremes.

The following candies tend to be the most perishable:

  • Any product whose main ingredient is chocolate, such as Brach’s Chocolate Stars, Chocolate Cigars, Chocolate Coins, Coconut Bon Bons, Colorworks M&M’s, Malted Milk Balls, or Misty Mints, will be damaged if exposed to hot temperatures. This also includes candy bars and concession candy.
  • Any product that has a gelatin base, such as gummi candy or jelly beans, will be damaged if exposed to hot temperatures.

The rule of thumb for shipping perishables is to err on the safe side. When in doubt, upgrade to Expedited Shipping and add a Thermo Case with ice packs. Don’t let the gummi bears suffer!

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