Novelty Candy

Novelty Candy

Everyone has his or her favorite candy, and we have plenty of our own go-to’s, but sometimes the occasion calls for something different, something special, something a little extra fun.

That is exactly what you will find in our novelty candy selection below. It's candy that’s much more than a bite of something sweet, sorted into three categories to make shopping easy.

We have Novelty Candies, Bubble Gum Novelty Candies, and Gummi Novelty Candies for you to rummage through. Each category is full of treats for big and little kids of all ages.

With nearly 200 novelty candy items, featuring favorite characters, sports themes, cars and trucks, animals, fun games and toys, and many humorous things like a Gummi Mexican Dinner, this is one selection you don't want to rush your way through.

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