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If you are looking to purchase candy by color, then you will enjoy browsing through our candy filled pages  where you will find everything you need and more, all arranged by vibrant colors. We have giant selections of both classic favorites and unusual surprises sorted according to the rainbow spectrum, which makes shopping the candy buffet a piece of cake.

If you are shopping for wedding candy, you will be pleased to know that we are the wedding candy experts! Many of the wedding candy buffets we help design use candy selections from our Silver Candy and White Candy pages, but we can also pull together something festive using greens and pinks, for example, or something regal using browns and ivory.

Let us know what your wedding colors are and we can help you purchase candy by color that will be the perfect accompaniment and don’t please forget that we can customize wedding candy for you, as well.

Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s for weddings, birthday parties, or any other special occasion, our color choices span the spectrum and give you the flexibility to match just about anything you imagine.  

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  1. Colored M&M's (27)
  2. Black Candy (51)
  3. Blue Candy (86)
  4. Brown Candy (91)
  5. Glossy Candy (29)
  6. Gold Candy (27)
  7. Green Candy (85)
  8. Lime Candy (25)
  9. Orange Candy (74)
  10. Pastel Candy (107)
  11. Pink Candy (74)
  12. Purple Candy (37)
  13. Rainbow Candy (115)
  14. Red Candy (170)
  15. Shiny Wrapped Candy (38)
  16. Shimmer Candy (28)
  17. Silver Candy (32)
  18. Striped Candy (34)
  19. Tan Candy (28)
  20. White Candy (59)
  21. Yellow Candy (101)

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