Whether you call them suckers, lollipops, lollies (we like that one), or pops, to us they are simply one of the most classic candies we sell, and one of our largest selections with more than 100 different varieties.

Looking for simple suckers and lollipops? Try Dum Dums (packaged several ways), Smarties Lollies, Ring Pop Originals, or Saf-T-Pops.

Other time-honored favorites include Tootsie Pops (how many licks does it take?), Charms Blow Pops, Glo Popcifiers, Push Pops, Sugar Daddy, and Slo Pokes.

We have a smashing selection of fun and novel suckers and lollipops, too. If you're looking for something different, take some time to browse them all and choose the perfect ones for you. We recommend Scorpion Lollipops with a real scorpion inside (good for shock value if nothing else), flaming hot Jalapeno Lollipops, Javapop Caffeine Lollipops, Horchata Lollipops, and the Chili Pepper sucker.

Plus, we have suckers and lollipops in sports themes, for holidays, to welcome a new baby boy or girl, in sugar free varieties and more, so whatever you are shopping for, you are nearly certain to find it here. When you are done shopping, read about the history of lollipops and impress your friends.

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