Retro Candy Gift Boxes

Retro Candy Gift Boxes
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Anybody can put together an assortment of candy for a special occasion with a quick trip to the supermarket, but who can put together a gift box full of retro candy that will be as fun to rifle through as it is fun to eat? We can!

You can choose an old-fashioned candy gift box from our selection below to suit your retro-gifting needs, whether it’s for individual party favors (a unique idea for children’s birthday parties) or for a knock-out gift that nobody would ever consider re-gifting.

You can give a retro candy gift box as a birthday, graduation, or anytime gift, but you can also order a box to divide up throughout the year, for stuffing bits and pieces into lunchboxes, stockings, Easter baskets, and birthday cards. Don’t be surprised if you have extra visitors on Halloween, hoping for more old-fashioned candy surprises. Better order the big box.

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