Our Brick & Mortar Candy Warehouse
Our Brick & Mortar Candy Warehouse
Our Brick & Mortar Candy Warehouse

"The Future of Candy is Rooted in the Past"

McKeesport Candy Co., the fufillment arm of CandyFavorites, is one of the oldest wholesale candy companies in the United States with a long history of providing the latest candy innovations:

McKeesport Candy Co.

One of the first candy wholesalers to offer bulk candy, we have proudly represented Brach's Candy since 1929 and were amongst the first to offer repackaged bulk candy.

Looking for ways to distinguish ourselves, we continue to offer private label bagging for corporations, department stores, supermarkets or anyone who desires a custom approach.

Unlike other online candy stores, we opened our first "brick and mortar" retail store in 1969 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called the “ The Candy Tree”. It was one of the first stores to offer a selection of “pick and mix” bulk candy from beloved companies such as Brach's, Goetze's, Hershey, Necco, Tootsie Roll and more. This innovative format became the standard by which today's candy stores are measured. This store was featured in George Romero’s classic horror film, Dawn of the Dead prior to closing in 1986.

Our next store was called “Candy Go Round”, purchased in 1973, from now defunct Candy Rama which was a Pittsburgh institution. This store featured many varieties including Pittsburgh's first selection of novelty candy. After a long run, the store closed when the building was slated to be demolished. It is still considered, by those who remember, to be one of Pittsburgh’s finest candy stores

In the 1980's a trend emerged in which candy wholesalers diversified into non-confectionary products.  Instead of following in this direction , we decided to expand  our candy offerings. Although risky, we wanted to stay true to our original mission of selling hard to find candies long before they were considered retro.

In 1982, we opened two more retail stores, both called “Trifles”. The stores were among the first candy stores in the nation to offer Beanie Babies, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans as well as Colorworks M&M’s ® in individual colors. The stores operated for over ten (10) years.

In 1985, we established a Fundraising & Concession Candy Division. For many years, we were the largest fundraising candy distributor on the East Coast which continued until schools were prohibited from selling products containing high fructose corn syrup.

After a long history of operating brick and mortar” retail stores, we realized the future was in online commerce.

In 1997, we launched our first website, “McKandy.com”, which was one, if not THE first online candy store. The name was changed to CandyFavorites.com which has gone on to become the internet's oldest privately owned candy website offering over 3000 varieties of sweets!

In 2006, we launched a blog devoted to candy which remains one of the internet’s first open forums devoted exclusively to the confectionary industry and continues to provide informative discussion and relevant information.

2017, our 90th year, is special as we devoted several years creating a website as visually appealing as it is functional.  Unlike candy stores whose aim is strictly commercial, we wanted to create a fully responsive environment devoting as much love to the history of the products as it does to selling them.  Most pictures come from our personal archives and our Educational Section has been expanded to include an intuititve Shop by Decades as well as a definitive Candy Timeline

Based upon 90 years of experience (and counting) in the candy business, we truly believe that “The Future of Candy is Rooted in the Past...” and thank our valued customers for making us America's OLDEST Wholesale Candy Company!

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