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Some say you can’t buy happiness, but at CandyFavorites, we know better. We understand that when you buy candy, you buy a little bit of joy. Candy, so ingrained in our traditions and holidays, reminds us of happy times past and helps us create happy memories for savoring in the future. Candy rings in the holidays, brightens bad days, and rewards us for deeds done well.

Buy wholesale candies with us and you have thousands of selections, some classic, some novel, and all guaranteed to be fresh and delivered right to your doorstep. Whether you need to buy wedding candy or candies for special events, holidays, or just to have on hand for gifts and special treats, we have almost every variety, every color, in any quantity.

Our candy categories include a full selection of Brach's Candy, Concession Candy, Novelty Candy, Gum, Mints, King Size Candy Bars, and dozens more. Our selection is so complete, we even have Edible Insects. Yes, you read that correctly, we have edible insects. We take our selection seriously, and if that means including Chocolate Covered Ants, then that’s what we do. We will leave the taste testing on that one to you and your dare-devil friends.

Take a tour of all our choices below and revel in the bounty of the more than 2,800 varieties of candy we offer. When you’ve finished here, shop our Retro Candy  section and see why it is one of our favorites, which makes sense because we are one of the oldest wholesale candy companies in America.

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