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Why Does My Candy Taste Different?

There are times when your favorite candy may taste different than your childhood recollection. Yes, it can be frustrating but, no, it doesn’t mean that your product is defective or old. Let us explain.

Many candies, especially old school varieties that have survived the test of time, may have changed over the years. Nothing is static, and that surely applies to the candy industry where corporate consolidation has become the norm. 

Certain brands, such as Brachs, have been sold multiple times. Brach’s Cherry Cordials is a good example of a product that is "new and improved."  

Long a mainstay at Christmas and Valentines, this beloved chocolate enrobed cherry features a slightly chewy fondant center and not the liquid center of yesteryear when the product was known as Villa Cherries.

The good news is that this beloved product still exists but in a new format.  It is still an authentic product; it just has had a minor overhaul so to speak. 

Old-time holiday favorites such as Peppermint Straws or Filled Candies are another example of an enduring but slightly different holiday favorite changed by time if only because they have been around for over 100 years! 

Other brands such as Beemans, BlackJack, and Clove Gum, disappeared only to return a few years later with a new formula and made in different manufacturing facilities.   

The product will still bring joy to yet another generation – after all, we are talking about some of the oldest chewing gum brands in history – but, yes, it does taste slightly different. Call it progress or a sign of the times.

Candies such as Angel Mints, Marshmallow Peeps, Peppermint Puffs or Satellite Wafers or any candy with a thin candy outer shell such as M&M's or a Chiclets type chewing gum may taste different due to changes in the environment.

In humidity, they might be softer, and they will undoubtedly be harder when exposed to cold temperatures. It is the nature of their ingredients.

Other products such as Atomic Fireballs remained true to their original formula, but their size decreased. Still the same great spicy product, just a little bit smaller.  

We all enjoy childhood memories of sweet treats but with age comes change. 

Over time, our sense of smell and taste changes and that can cause an edible product to taste different. It doesn’t necessarily detract from good memories; it just makes them slightly different. 

We store all products in a temperature controlled warehouse and inspect them before shipping.

As we are not a manufacturer, we rely on their information such as expiration dates and formula listings to ensure your candy is in perfect condition when it begins a journey to your home.

Due to health and insurance, we do not sell products that are out of date or made from old formulations. 

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