Put a Ring (Pop) On It

by Laurnie Wilson

Ring It In

Ring PopsRing Pops are a candy in a league of their own. We’ve all had one at least once in our life, and for good reason. When else is it acceptable to eat your jewelry?! It’s a novelty that certainly cannot be missed, and a candy that is always met with approval. But where did this flashy little sugar gem even come from? Do you know the sweet past of this lickable, wearable treat? Read on to find out more!

Ring Pops To The Rescue

Gummi Ring PopsWe all know that lollipops have been around since what seem like ancient times, but the Ring Pop wasn’t invented until 1979. Thus, Mr. Ring Pop is still a fairly new guy on the block, if we do say so ourselves! Back then, a man by the name of Frank Richards invented the treat as a way to help his daughter kick her thumb-sucking habit. Now that’s some innovative parenting, don’t you think?

Not So Sweet

Although Ring Pops may have started out with innocent intentions, over the years they’ve also developed something of a dark side. Frequently, drug dealers will mix ecstasy into Ring Pops as a convenient and inconspicuous way to hide their trade. So, take a word from the wise and don’t buy any Ring Pops off the street, okay kids?

 Ring On The Fun

Despite that unsavory side, millions of people enjoy Ring Pops of the legal variety every year. Since its creation, tons of flavors have passed through the Ring Pop flavor pantheon. Today, you can find the pops in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Lime, Grape, and Apple. And in the fall, Cherry Limeade will be added to the mix! You can even find gummi Ring Pops, to add a little chew to your candy break.

So although they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, it’s safe to say these sugary diamonds rank pretty high as well.


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