Retro Candy Advertisements

Having been a wholesale candy distributor for over 75 years, we have sold almost every candy imaginable.

Over the years, many candy favorites have been discontinued but quite a few still exist with the only difference being changes in packaging.

We have compiled a gallery of candy advertisements spanning fifty (50) years which we hope you will enjoy.

Many of the items are still available and all you need do is click on their name to go to their product listing and  read a brief piece of trivia pertaining that item. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Should questions arise or if you are interested in using any of these images for an educational or non commercial application, please contact us at or by phone at (888) 525-7577.

5th Avenue Bar   Almond Joy and Mounds   Candy Cigarettes
5 th Avenue Bar  

Almond Joy & Mounds

  Candy Cigarettes
Cracker Jack   Beechnut Gum   Teaberry Gum
Cracker Jack   Beechnut Gum   Teaberry Gum
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