The History of Chowards Mints

by Laurnie Wilson

A Mint For All

Chowards Mints violet Mints are practically a necessity. Their breath-saving abilities have made them this way ever since bad breath started stinking up our lives. While everyone has their favorite brand, chances are that you’ve at least heard of Choward’s Mints, even if you don’t eat them yourself. But, do you know the history of these time-tested, breath-saving treats? If not, stick around to find out more.

Unique and Minty

Way back in the early 1930’s, Charles Howard had a mission. He wanted to create “unique and different flavored candy,” that would set itself apart from competitors on the market. Thus, he created C. Howard Company Inc. in New York City.

Guava Chowards MintsViolet in appearance and taste, Choward’s Violet Mints were Howard’s first product, and were exactly the sort of “unique” and “different” he was looking for. He took his product down to the streets of Manhattan, selling on street corners to build a name for himself and his brand.

After the success of the Violet Mints, Howard created Choward’s Scented Gum. These were purple colored gum tablets that offered a new take on chewing gum. These also took off, and soon Howard had a highly popular company on his hands.

Almost All In The Family

Wrapped Violet Chowards Mints

Over the years, he expanded to peppermints, spearmints, and lemon mints, growing his company every step of the way. And, as it turns out, not even death could stop C. Howard Copmany Inc., from growing. For when he died, Howard gave his company to a long-time valued employee, Elizabeth Juhase.

In the 1970’s, Juhase asked her nephews to help her run the business, and they’ve been running it as a family affair, ever since.

Minty Success

In recent years, Choward’s Mints have shown no sign of slowing down, either. In 2009-2010, the company introduced Guava as a new flavor, adding a more tropical side to the brand. In the February 2012 issue of Oprah Magazine, Choward’s are mentioned as well. Also in 2012, Choward's was featured in the "Far Away Places" episode of Mad Men when Peggy frantically searches for a pack of Violet Mints before a presentation that Don gave her as a good luck charm. And, in 2013, the candy made an appearance on the popular crime drama NCIS.

So if you’re a long time Choward’s fan, or you’re just now discovering them, take heart! This classic looks like its here to stay.

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