A Dance With Charleston Chew

by Laurnie Wilson

Candy Imitates Life

Charleston Chew WrapperCandy has a way of maximizing on the success of pop culture. When you think of your top five favorite candies, you can probably say that at least three of those had some sort of basis in the popular culture of the decade in which they were created.

There’s just something really wonderful about a candy that understands the feelings of the time. Eating it feels contemporary and fun, not to mention it spices up your day-to-day candy routine. So imagine how the people of the 1920’s must have felt when the Charleston Chew came to town? Don’t know the history of this sweet treat? Read on to find more!

A Swinging Past

Charleston danceIt’s safe to say that the origins of this candy started with the Charleston. This fast-paced, freewheeling dance became popular in the 1920’s, and to this day, characterizes the atmosphere of the era.

During this time of flappers and prohibition, a sweet little candy came onto the scene. The Fox Cross Candy Company, actually invented the candy in 1922. The original candy from this Boston, Massachusetts based company was a vanilla flavored nougat with a milk chocolate coating.

Charleston Chew, Your Way

Charleston ChewOver the years, however, the flavor profiles expanded to include chocolate and strawberry nougat flavors. There was even a banana flavor at one time! But today, only the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry remain, as well as miniature chews!

One of the greatest aspects of this candy is that, like the dance, you can kind of make it your own! Some people like to eat theirs room temperature, while others like to eat theirs frozen! However you like it, is what you should do!

Home Sweet Home

Factory CondosAnd true Charleston Chew fanatics will be interested to know that the original Charleston Chew factory has been turned into two luxury loft condominium buildings. So if you’re looking for a sweet place to live, that may be the place for you!

Simply put, the Charleston Chew has withstood the test of time. It’s fun, delicious, and will probably have you wanting to pop into the nearest speakeasy after the first bite.


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