A Smarties History

by Laurnie Wilson

Are You A Smartie Pants?

Retro SmartiesEveryone wants to be thought of as a smartie. There’s something so satisfying about knowing your stuff, and even more satisfying when you can show everyone else that you know your stuff, too. All those cocktail parties are way more fun when you can actually contribute to the conversation, right? But are you really a smartie pants when it comes to the history of Smarties wafer candies? Read on to find out more.

A Family of Smarties

Smarties HistoryHere’s the first little fact for you: Smarties have been owned and operated by the same family since all the way back in 1949. That’s right, folks. The candy that you’ve shared with your family for over 60 years has been made by the same family for just as long! Talk about a family affair!

Way back in the day, Edward “Eddie” Dee immigrated from England to New Jersey to found a company that was, once again, based around a candy that wouldn’t melt in the heat. I kid you not, Mother Nature has prompted some of the best sweets in candy history!

The Ce De Candy Inc. factory opened in August of 1949 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The company retained that name for 62 years, until 2011 when they changed it to Smarties Candy Company. While that name seems to be more reflective of their huge success, it’s pretty amazing that it took so long for the company name to change, don’t you think?

A Smartie Revolution

Smarties RollsOver the years, Smarties took off all over North America, with an additional factory opening in Newmarket, Ontario. The Canadian Smarties are imported to the U.S. whenever demand is too high for the New Jersey factory to handle on its own. So around Halloween, you may be eating some international Smarties and not even know it!

 Another fun fact for you: in Canada, Smarties are sold as “Rockets” due to the existence of a sugar-coated chocolate candy, of European origin, by the same name. So if you ever cross our northern border, don’t be surprised if “Smarties” aren’t what you expect them to be! And then promptly seek out Rockets instead.

Smarties for All

Smarties Bulk

These days, Smarties are manufactured in Union, New Jersey and Newmarket, Ontario. They come in six assorted colors and flavors­­—white (orange-cream), yellow (pineapple), pink (cherry), green (strawberry- who knew?!?), purple (grape), and orange (orange). Pus, they’re made 24 hours a day, so there’s no reason for you to miss out on this candy favorite.



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