Candy in American Pop Culture

Lollipop CultureCandy has been a celebrity in its own right for as long as people have been eating it. But over the years, many famous faces and raucous rumors have helped turn simple sweets into sugary sensations. There’s just something about celebrities and sugar that go hand in hand. As a society, we thrive off of both, sometimes maybe more than we should: indulging in sweets and celebrity gossip until we get our fix.
American pop culture is chock full of sweet stories of our confection-filled lives, both past and present. There are probably even a few that you’ve never heard before! That’s why, in Treats of the Trade, We’ll dive into the many influences candy has had on our pop culture, and vice versa. Our goal is to unwrap the tall tales and real reports, to give you the sweetest accounts of society and sugar through the decades, and make sure that you leave with a little more candy-coated knowledge than you had before.

My name is Laurnie and I'll be your guide on this journey into uncharted candy territory. Currently, I attend Carnegie Mellon University and am working towards a double major in creative and professional writing as well as minors in history and German. The following posts allow me to weave together almost all of my studies (no German language, here!) in one very sweet environment. I hope you'll enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. 

This is candy...unwrapped.

Bubble Yum and the Spider Eggs - Learn how this repulsive rumor started for Bubble Yum Bubble Gum.

Now & Later Taffy - Explore why this innovative candy was created NOW!  You will thank us LATER.

Van Halen & Brown M&M's - Why did this famous rock band have a problem with brown M&M's?

M&M's in Orbit - Discover how and why M&M's chocolate candies wound up in a space shuttle.

Admiral Byrd and the NECCO Wafer - Not too many people get to go on expeditions to the North Pole, but NECCO Wafers have.

Who Invented Peanut Brittle? - Evidently it's up for debate!

Richard Cadbury & the Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box - What, do you think chocolate boxes were born that way?