Unwrapping the Tootsie Pop Wrapper

by Laurnie Wilson

Unwrapping a Mysterious Wrapper

Tootsie PopsFind a Tootsie Pop with a Native American chief shooting at a star and you could win a free bag of Tootsie Pops, right? This rumor has been circulating almost since Tootsie Pops were created, all the way back in 1931. But what’s the truth? Will the Tootsie Pop people really reward you for finding this specially wrapped treat? We’re about to unwrap the truth around this candy and find out what it’s really all about. So read on!

Back in the day (and we mean the early 1900’s) many candy companies offered some sort of incentive for purchasing their sweets. If you saved enough wrappers, you could often mail them in and receive a prize in return. And since kids love candy and kids love prizes, that was a pretty good business model, don’t you think?

Tootsie Pops Revealed

Tootsie Pop WrapperWhile that may have been the case, the Tootsie Pop people were not one of the companies who offered this kind of reward. Yet, somehow or other, people assumed they did. After all, the “Indian Wrapper” as it was called, wasn’t on every Tootsie Pop, just a select few—30% to be exact. And selectivity like that must have meant that it was special, right?

Unfortunately, there really was nothing special about this different packaging. It was, simply, different. So what did the company do when children wrote to them, asking for their free candy? At first, they sent what must have been a very disappointing apology letter, explaining that the rumors were merely rumors, and there was no reward for finding the special candy.

A Tootsie Pop Tale

Tootsie Pop LegendBut in 1982, Tootsie Pop decided to spice things up a little. During this year, they invented “The Legend of the Indian Wrapper,” a story to send in response to all of the people asking for their free candy. The idea was that, even though it wasn’t exactly what people were asking for, it was at least a fun story that might make the let-down of not receiving anything a little bit easier.

I don’t know about you, but I’d still be pretty disappointed! That said, the story is charming and somewhat hopeful for those who may wish upon a star for their candy dreams to come true. But you can take a look at the story and decide for yourself!

Ultimately, while the rumors of the free Tootsie Pops may be untrue, the deliciousness of the candy is certainly no myth! So when you unwrap your next Tootsie Pop, whether it be an “Indian Wrapper” or not, you’re sure to enjoy every last lick.



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