Nuts for Peanut Chews

by Laurnie Wilson

One For You, Chew For Me

Retro Peanut ChewDo a quick search of the Internet and you’ll see that recipes abound for how to make peanut chews. They’re delicious, simple, and relatively cheap. You may have grown up making them with your mom after school, or maybe just eating the delicious results of her work. But whatever the case, they were probably a household name. But do you know what prompted the creation of these childhood treats? This week, we’re unwrapping the truth behind the Peanut Chew!

What’s In A Chew?

Inside Peanut ChewsFirst, let’s do a little recap. For those of you who have not experienced the wonder that is the Peanut Chew, it may be useful to review the chew’s components. Peanut Chews are typically a molasses-based chew, filled with peanuts and covered with chocolate. Simple, right? And delicious.

Peanut Power

Peanut Chews and TroopsSo it should come as no surprise to you that the first peanut chews were actually made for our troops! That’s right! In 1917, when Just Born introduced Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, they were only available as part of the U.S. rations during World War I.

When you think about it, that makes complete sense! The high amount of energy and protein that the chews provided were just what our boys needed as they were sent to the front lines. Plus, the chocolatey taste was also probably at least a little bit of comfort during a really terrifying time.

A Chewy Legacy

Peanut Chews LayoutAnd since these were so popular with the troops during the war, it didn’t take long for them to become popular with the public after they were introduced in 1921. And with the people is exactly where these chews have stayed.

Today, the Philadelphia based peanut chews are still a fan favorite. They’re an all-American brand with an all-American history. So the next time you take a bite, you’ll know that you’re enjoying some of the fine ration-food our military used to enjoy. Now how’s that for a bite of history?



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