Wedding Candy Specialists
Wedding Candy Specialists
Wedding Candy Specialists

Wedding Candy Specialists

We Are Your Wedding Candy Buffet Specialists

You want your wedding to be one of the most memorable days of your life. We want to help. Let Candy Favorites be your wedding candy buffet specialists and we will work with you to create a candy tableau that matches your vision and leaves your guests raving. We have the experience, the skills and, most importantly, all of the candy you could ever imagine!

Several Ways to Shop for Your Wedding Candy Buffet

You can shop our vast and varied candy selections either by color or by theme (see our guide below for all the information you need), or you can enlist us to help you put it all together. Whether it is a custom color-coordinated package, an elaborate order of candies based on a particular theme, or a frequently asked question such as how much candy you should purchase, our candy specialists are ready to assist you. We can work with your party planner or wedding coordinator, too. Don’t forget that we also offer retro candy jars and candy scoops to add interest and dimension to your candy buffet.

Added Service, Added Value

If you would like your order delivered on a specific date or if your wedding is being held at an exotic location, we can also help coordinate shipping to ensure that it arrives safely and on-time. 

We don’t mean to brag… never mind, we do: we are so good at putting together wedding candy buffets that our products have been featured in countless magazines (Martha Stewart Weddings, to name just one) and on many television shows. Backed by one of America’s oldest wholesale candy companies, we have the resources and experience to commit ourselves to your big day. We go to great lengths to offer a personal touch and encourage you to contact us to get started or should you have any questions whatsoever.

Remember, candy is what we deliver, but service is what we sell. Let us help make your wedding picture-perfect.

Wedding Candy Buffet Guide

So you’re going for it! Good choice.

Wedding candy buffets are not only a fun and dramatic way to enhance your wedding décor, they also make a wonderful addition to your food and drink menu. Plus, your candy selections can do double duty as wedding favors, which makes a candy buffet a practical choice, too. We’ve taken all of the guess work out of the planning and assembly process with our guide below that will help you make something personal, something imaginative, and something your guests will go wild over. Here’s how: 

Theme and Colors

Most brides coordinate their candy buffet with their wedding colors, usually sticking to two colors, three at the most. Another elegant choice: the monochromatic look that features shades of white and ivory. Candy buffets also work beautifully for a groom’s table, done in rich shades of brown and ivory, with a touch of black, perhaps. The possibilities abound, so take the opportunity to imagine something that suits your colors and theme, but also your personality. You can tailor a wedding candy buffet to your honeymoon destination, a common interest or hobby, your hometown, and just about anything else that means something to you. 

How Much Candy?

Once you have chosen your colors and/or theme to shop for, it’s time to fill up your shopping cart! Allow for 8 oz. of candy for each guest, which means for a wedding with 100 people, you should buy 50 pounds of candy, for example. This page should help you get a clear idea about how much candy will fill your containers to help you plan precisely. Don’t forget, when in doubt, call us!


Decide first where you table needs to go. If you have to put it against a wall, a square or rectangle table works best. If you can center the candy buffet table in part of the room, a round table is an elegant choice and allows you to maximize the space on your buffet and brings the action out into the room, looking trés chic. Also, make sure your table isn’t too big. You don’t want your buffet to look sparse and a densely-packed buffet looks infinitely more interesting. Finally, make sure that sucker is sturdy. You certainly don’t want children – or clumsy adults (we’re looking at you, drunk uncle) – knocking it over.


Take some time to choose the best containers to fit the mood of your wedding. If you have a vintage theme, try choosing old vases, buckets or baskets, or something else with a nice patina on it to complement, for example. When in doubt, you can never, ever go wrong with clear glass or crystal containers, of all sorts (vases, fish bowls, cake plates, hurricane sleeves, apothecary jars, etc). And you don’t have to spend a fortune on this part. Craft stores and discount outlets sell a huge variety of vessels that can do the trick quite nicely, all at a very reasonable price. Tip: select containers that have a wide enough mouth to accommodate a candy scoop or a spoon for easy access. Another tip: have fun shopping around. When you set up your table, make sure to arrange the taller containers toward the back and the shorter ones toward the front. You can use risers (even books and boxes) to add height where you need it.


Once you’ve narrowed down your colors and/or themes, we make shopping a cinch with our large variety of very specific sections that will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Do be sure to choose a variety of textures and sizes, which means some soft candies and some hard candies, and some taller candies for layering depth, like candy kabobs and lollipops (we have sections for each of these, too). Choose at least 10 different varieties of candy and from there, the sky’s the limit. We also suggest adding some candy selections for guests who might have dietary restrictions, so be sure and shop our sugar-free and gluten-free categories.


Once you’ve got all the above details nailed down, embellish your candy buffet with color-coordinated candles, framed mirrors or picture frames with photos of the bride and groom, flowers, confetti, anything else that ties it all together. Don’t forget that ribbons laid out across the table can enhance the effect dramatically, as well as linens, paper, and other decorative materials. You can also wrap boxes in color-coordinated gift-wrap to add interest. Remember, just stick to your color palette and/or theme and you can hardly go wrong. We also strongly advise you to add labels to your candy jars so that guests know exactly what they are getting, and so guests with allergies know to stay away from the peanut M&M’s, too!

Favor Bags

If your candy buffet will serve as the favor station, then you can either arrange your favor bags or boxes on the table, inviting guests to take their share, or you can leave the favor bags or boxes in front of each place setting if you’re having a sit-down meal. You can also use a stamp, stickers, ribbon, or raffia to dress up the favor containers. Use your imagination!

Other Considerations

Set Up: Make sure you have a good idea how you want your candy buffet to look and enlist somebody to put it together for you on the big day. Somebody you trust, of course!

Warm weather: Chocolate and other highly-perishable candies should be ordered in cooler months if you are shipping to hot weather destinations to make sure it arrives in tip-top shape. If you aren’t that organized (we get it), you can add ice packs and Thermo Cases to help protect your goodies. Please read our Hot Weather Shipping page for more info. You can also ship your chocolate and other delicate candies in a separate order.

With all the information you need, take it from here and make something memorable, something that says a little bit about who you are. Please don’t forget that we make it our priority to help you make it great and we would love to answer any questions you have, or even help you pull it all together if you ever feel overwhelmed. The best advice we have: make it fun. It is candy, after all!

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