Customer Testimonials

Candy is what we sell. Service is what we DELIVER.....


What a nice company!  Who knew it was one of the oldest candy stores and that they sold candies from when I was a kid. The candy was perfect and arrived quickly but what made the purchase special was the personal attention. I was buying a gift for my grandma who turned 90 and wanted candies from her birth year. The site had a section for decades, but when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I called the company, and a charming associate helped me. When they found out it was for a special birthday, they offered gift wrapping, and the owner of the company gave me faster shipping for free! You don’t find this type of service too often especially on the internet. Maybe this is why the company has lasted so long?  Thanks for making my grandma's birthday special!

Rhonda L.


I can not say enough nice things about the company or the owner.  I inquired about setting up a candy buffet for my daughter's wedding and the owner personally called me and helped through the entire process!  The order shipped quickly and the buffet was the talk of the town.  What made the transaction so special is that the owner, yes the actual owner of the company, called me a week later to see how everything went.  I purchase many things on the internet but this was one of the BEST customer service experiences ever!  Kudos to Candy Favorites for practicing what they preach!


I would like to commend you on the customer service that your employee Jen has provided. There was an issue with my address and Jen was very quickly at task correcting the issue. Although the blame rested squarely on my shoulders, she never made me feel as though it was. I was the Corporate Asset Development  Director for Park Seed and Wayside Gardens for several years. We were the largest catalog and eCommerce company for plants and seed in the US. In this role I spent a large portion of my time creating and monitoring the training of customer service representatives. As such, I developed a keen sense of how difficult that job can be and how quick the general public is to criticize and judge a representative’s performance.  I would have given my shirt to have folks like Jennifer on my team. She was kind, accommodating and over all a pleasure to do business with.  I have been looking for the gum I ordered from you (Fortune Bubble) for quite sometime and was thrilled to find that they had begun to make it again. It was an intricate part of my best friend’s and my childhood and will play a major role in our celebration of his birthday. I’m expecting my order to arrive tomorrow and just in time. She saved the day!  I can tell you that I will recommend your company to all my friends and family and will proudly give you glowing reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook. Thank you for your time today.

With gratitude and respect,


To whom it may concern, I just completed my initial order with your company. I wanted to let you know know that Jen (order entry/CSR on the phone) could not have been more helpful. She was very pleasant, courteous, and professional with me. I had a few questions which she was able to answer and also provide suggestions. The business world of today is often cold and callous. My interaction w/ Jen today was the opposite. I’m sure she’s looked at as an assets to your sales team. I look forward to receiving my order.

Thanks again!

Kind Regards,


Thank you all so very much for everything you did to get 144 chocolate double-decker Moon Pies to Savannah today. They arrived in perfect condition, even though we are at a heat index of 108' !! The Gulfstream HR team will be so surprised and delighted when we roll these iconic Southern confections out for our Solar Eclipse event. They are quite clearly THE THING to serve on that day and thanks to your efforts, I'll be the hero. Your amazing customer service has gained you a customer for life and I look forward to working with you agai



Received my package today, looks and tastes great! Thank you!


Thank you so much for your quick response. I appreciate the customer service in this age of “leave a message and we will get back to you” black holes.


I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the outstanding service I received from you personally and your staff at Candy Favorites! I arrived home from my business trip on Thursday and my candy had been delivered.  I sampled each item and it all tasted so fresh and delicious!   Thank you again for your dedication to great service......it really shows!  I will be a customer for life and spread the word about my outstanding experience with CandyFavorites.com!  Thank you!


We received our order yesterday in time for our event today. I appreciate your attentive and genuine customer service. I'll be sure to keep you in mind as a preferred vendor for future needs.


I placed an order with your company this month. I ordered candy from the year of 1966 for my dear friend's 50th birthday celebration. I was afraid that it would not arrive on time because I delayed in ordering. However, it arrived on time and the candy was a hit. I made a candy table and had little bags printed with the guest of honor's name.  All the candy went and the birthday girl loved it. The guest had such great comments and were able to eat candy from almost 50 years ago. I am so glad I chose your company as you made my best friend's birthday shine.

Michael H.

I just wanted to let you know my M&Ms arrived in great shape.  So did the candy canes -- no breakage.  I thought with the heavy M&Ms, they would cause the canes to break.  But all was in perfect condition.  Thanks for saving me money by supplying me red and green M&Ms already mixed.  You saved me $30! You gained a faithful customer.  Anytime we need bulk candy for church craft sales we will order from YOU.  Thanks again.  

Virginia S.

I want to thank Sherry so much for her positive attitude, calm voice and kindness on my second order of candy for my daughter's wedding. 

I received an email requesting me to contact Candy Favorites asap. It was a trying day when I called for a variety of reasons. I contacted Sherry who told me some of the candy I'd ordered was not available. I was not positive, calm or kind on the phone. When I realized I was taking my frustration out on her I couldn't apologize enough. She continued to be VERY kind, saying she understood my reaction and worked diligently with me to solve my problem. Sherry was kindly professional through the whole conversation. 

The second order arrived in plenty of time, the alternate choices Sherry recommended were a huge hit and my daughter's wedding candy bar was a hit
with all the guests. I can't thank Sherry or Candy Favorites enough for all you did to make the wedding day special. Now I know where to go when I need a huge candy fix!

Debby S.

Our experience with Candy Favorites was the BEST!!! I placed two orders with them. ALL candies arrived in perfect condition and was totally enjoyed by all the guests at my daughter's wedding.

Debbie S.

I am so impressed with Candyfavorites.com that from now on I will buy all my bulk candy when needed from you. The candy was shipped fast and was exactly what I ordered. I recommend Candyfavorites.com to everyone because of customer service making me feel like my order was a priority. Thank you so much!

Karen C.

I found the staff at Candy Favorites very courteous and helpful. My questions were answered to my satisfaction. My products were delivered in a timely fashion. I enjoyed my experience with this company.


I am so impressed by McKeesport Candy Company/CandyFavorites.com and their history as shown on their website. It gave me a high confidence level in making a large online purchase for our school. They seem to be a "main street" business with small town values that has been successful in growing into a competitive global company. I researched other online candy companies, but did not have the same impression of reliability I got from speaking with the owner, Jon Prince and his staff. He is going out of his way in a busy holiday season to order a product not in stock, and is expediting the shipping for our event. Thank you, McKeesport Candy Co!


I want to compliment your team on their personal touch and speed.  I work in the Customer Service industry, and we take our customer's experiences very seriously and hold our representatives to high standards... I can tell you from my experience in the industry that your company seems to uphold very high service standards and should be proud! Keep up the good work! I will be sure to keep Candy Favorites in mind for any future events I should need bulk candy for.

Shannon H.

We were looking for candy made in the 1920's for my aunt 90th birthday and came across CandyFavorites.com. We were surprised by the large inventory of candy they had. After comparing prices and reading the reviews we made the choice to order from CandyFavorites. I'm glad we made that choice. The delivery was on time, the candy was fresh, and the party was awesome! Everyone asked...where did you find this old-time candy? I smiled and said CandyFavorites.com.

Ethel S.

I wanted to order my mom's favorite candy to have as a wonderful memory and hand out at her Memorial Service. I didn't think I could get it in time, my fault for ordering late.  After I spoke to a customer service agent, she assured me there would be no problems and told me she would take care of my order. Wonderful customer service! That goes a long way with me and I will definitely order from here again.

Amy V.

Thank you so much for your attention to creating an atmosphere of excellent customer service. My order arrive the next day! I appreciate excellent customer service, but then you’ve been around since 1927 and that alone speaks volume. Keep up the good work.

Renee G.

Chunky Bars are hard to find at the store.  When we do find them we buy all they have. I'm happy to find CandyFavorites.com so I won't run out anymore. My wife and I like to eat a cold Chunky Bar as we watch tv in bed at night. I guess that may be why we are chunky too.


I am very glad I found this site. It has most of the candy that I ate as a child. It brings back some very good memories. The product was delivered on time and was just as I remember it tasting.


Favorite place  to buy all my candies. Their products are always fresh. The shipping was free and they have a quick delivery time. Before I found this site, the other sites took a long time to deliver and the candies were not fresh. Plus, some sites offer "cheaper prices on product" and then WHAM!...the shipping was ridiculous...so in actuality, I saved quite a bit. Great place to get great fresh candies!


I was very happy with the Candy Favorites company. I was contacted by a wonderful lady who helped me with the order. When I received the candy it was in perfect condition.  I have tried ordering this brand of candy from other companies and it was never the right quality. My husband was so happy and pleased to receive this candy.


This company has given me the opportunity to find candies I loved as a child. I have searched high and low for them and just ran across your website that offered me the candies I have searched for many years.

Bettie C.

I love CandyFavorites.com!! They have so many awesome varieties of candy, from the retro classics candies I grew up enjoying to the wonderful new fun flavors I've grown to love today! I am so very grateful to have found a site that offers such great variety and such a user-friendly website!!! It was so awesome experiencing the nestalgic feelings I had with my first order as I was viewing, selecting & then eating the retro candies. It took me back to my childhood!! I love the wonderful customer service, awesome free shipping option and the timely delivery of all of the products I ordered!!! Thank you so much CandyFavorites.com!! You ROCK!!! I will continue to order from your site and recommend you to friends, family and co-workers as much as possible!! Cheers & Happy Candy Hunting!! Enjoy!!

Sharmaine J.

Loved the nostalgic feelings (I,along with everyone of my co-workers that I shared this candy purchase with) that came out of everyone's mouth's as they saw the Mallo Cups, Smoothies, Peanut Butter Cups - - - what a wonderful way to be able to put smiles on people's faces!

Donna H.

They had what I was looking for and more! My questions were answered easily and when I called someone pleasant answered and helped with a smile in their voice.


I am thrilled to be able to support a local candy shoppe! I was also quite excited about the fact that I could purchase candy based on decade. I was looking for something specific to the 1920's and I didn't have to do a lot of research in order to know what to get, you had it all right there available for me!

V. Davis

I have purchased the same item every 12 to 18 months for probably over a decade. I have NEVER had a problem, either with ordering over the web site, or with delivery, or with the product. That's a very good record for CandyFavorites.

William L.

I ordered candy for my son's wedding. The candy came fairly quickly and it looks great. It was packed well and arrived in good shape. Can't wait to sample it at the wedding!

Patricia B.

Thank you for bringing back my childhood in just 1 order. The Snaps candy was available in stores for only a short time. Then they just disappeared. I'm pleased to see that you have it available at this time. It was also fresh and soft...so pleasing to the palette. Thank you again!

Sandi G.

Thank you for the option to purchase cold packs for my chocolates- other companies make you upgrade to priority shipping in order to get the cold packs. CandyFavorites, you are my favorite!

N. Barnes

Thumbs up on my order. Everything arrived as expected. I will definitely be a returning customer. The web site is really good I was impressed with my whole experience. I will be ordering soon. Thank you and I wish all web sites were like yours. 

Bonnie W.

This was the second time I have ordered from CandyFavorites. Both times I was extremely satisfied. My wife was raised up in Idaho, she thought she would never be able get Idaho spuds again. Taste and smell are one of the best way to recall memory's...


We have dealt with CandyFavorites.com for some time. Lots of selection and prompt service.

R. Kennedy

Loved that the CEO of the company gave me his number to call with any questions.  I really appreciate his time and helping me figure out how much candy I needed for my daughters wedding favors.  I will return to this company because they really care about their customers. Thank you for the great service!

Beth Ann

Thank you for having all of the candies I was looking for. This is for my dad's 80th birthday party in a few weeks, and these candies will be part of the treat bags the guests will take home and most likely be part of a table centerpiece.  Thank you again.


Couldn't find Henry candy bars anywhere till now. Great!!

H. Mark

I actually came to the site for the chips. Then I found my favorite candy as a child. The state where I live does not sell Snyders of Berlin.


First time buyer.  I am happy with the selection, but is was the free shipping that really sealed the deal.

Chapman Chapman Recording and Mastering

Everything came here in one piece, and I'm very happy.  I will be buying more from you.  Loved the coffees that I got.  I think they must have been the ones in the tan & brown wrappers my Great Aunt used to buy in the 1950s when I was a kid.  So see ya soon and Yummy in my Tummy.

Lee S.

My husband and I were very impressed by the personal attention and sincere interest Candy Favorites showed in fulfilling our needs and urgency for delivery .

Lola G

WOW!!!! That would be Great, Your Service has been so Good. Not many Companies would go that extra mile any more. 

Marsha S.

I just placed my first order with your Company. My husband loves the Indian Head Pumpkin Seeds and we can not find them at all in Texas (the Texans don't know what they are missing ! ) I was so surprised when I received my confirmation and saw that you are in the Pittsburgh area. That is where we were born and raised, until work moved us to Texas. We miss PA everyday and its wonderful down to earth people. Thanks for having the old fashion candy, I will definitely be ordering from you again. Go Steelers !!!! ( Loyal fans forever)

Judy K.

I placed an order online at 1:30 in the afternoon. Just for "kicks and giggles", I logged on at 3:45, and see that the order has been picked, packaged, and it has a UPS Tracking Number. Well Done! I wish my company ran that efficiently.

Jeff K.

I want to thank you, I just opened he last box of Cracker Jacks we had ordered on sale…..the ones that you sold out of so quickly. I just found the extra candy treats you included what a terrific surprise. The folks in the office are singing your praises. Again I want to tell you what a pleasure it is to deal with your company.


I would like to thank you for the free shipping on my order. I was just short I believe .03 and asked if you would waive the shipping charge and you did!! You were so prompt in sending my order and I thank you for that also. I am very impressed by your company.

Mark B.

I wanted to thank you all for a recent order I worked with you on. I am an event planner and got your name from a colleague of mine. Every other candy website I looked at wanted over $400.00 for shipping and it was still going to take 5-7 business days to arrive. You all had me pay a $5.00 rush fee and I had the candy I needed the next day. I will never look anywhere else for candy for my clients.

Sara F.

I want to thank you for the wonderful service I recieved from you. I have never recieved that kind of service from anyone The Necco that I recieved was like I remembered. I have told different people I know that if they need candy of any kind to call your company. Your company is the greatest. Thanks millions!

Marilyn W.

I was having some trouble on my computer completing my ordering process. I ended up calling "Sherrie" in  customer service and she helped me redo the order over the phone. It will be shipped out on Monday (so the chocolate won't melt in the Florida heat!) Sherrie was extremely nice, knowledgeable and courteous. My compliments to you (and Sherrie) for very wonderful Customer Service. Thank you again for your help and response.

Nina L.

Quality candy at an excellent price. You have a new customer for life.

Donald M.

Hi, my name is Debbie. I am a first time customer and I want to express my thanks and gratitude. We placed an order for my mom's 70th birthday celebration a few weeks back. Unfortunately our order was on the train that derailed in Texas. Not knowing the severity of this, I emailed the company to see if I can get an update -- and what do you know, I got an email a few minutes later from the owner Jon asking me to please call him.

As I told Jon, I was so taken back by his email to me. He took care of the situation right away and shipped us our order in time for our event. I am sure that I was one of many customers that he took care of. He is a true class act. So thank you for being an amazing company with a wonderful customer service department. I will pass this story along to all my friends and recommend that they use your company for all their candy needs. Thank you again!


Thank you very much for shipping my order when you said you would. You are a rare breed in today's world. I will do business with you again.


Candy Favorites has been my go-to Candy store for 3+ years and I will continue to visit their store often and I tell EVERYONE to go visit them for their candy needs. Prices, variety, PLUS our generation that we thought were lost and forgotten are sold at Candy Favorites! I am so excited to bring a few of my memories to our 28th Annual Halloween Party.


I am so thrilled to have found you guys! My purchase experience was excellent from customer service to price and quality of item. I am so thrilled! Thank you!


I sincerely appreciate your response. In today's corporations you are a rarity.


I just wanted to say what a great experience I had with your company when I placed an order for Blue Raspberry Gummy Bears. It was easy to order, they were delivered quickly and they were a big hit at our "Boy Themed" Baby Shower. Everybody couldn't get enough of them! I told everyone in my office where they could go to get them and how easy it was! I wish more companies did such a great job! Thanks for the ease!

Ruth B.

Initially, I had trouble placing my order. After receiving communication from the on-line support person, the president of the company sent me an email. This is customer service above and beyond what I expected. Thank you.

Ann T. from Minnesota

The free shipping really enticed me to buy from candyfavorites. I also like the ease of the website's interface while shopping. As I'm preparing for a Candy Buffet, it's nice to see other recommendations and not leave the page everytime I placed something in my cart! Very user friendly.

S. Fisher

I had to call regarding ingredients as I have children with life-threatening food allergies and the woman I spoke with couldn't have been more helpful. She took me through each candy I was interested in and even went further by looking in the warehouse if SHE had any doubts!! excellent personal service! With many candy companies out there, THAT is what made me choose them!!

Judy E. from Pennsylvania

Vintage Candy Company PictureInitially, I had trouble placing my order. After receiving communication from the on-line support person, the president of the company sent me an email. This is customer service above and beyond what I expected. Thank you.

Ann T. from Minnesota

This is my second on line order from candy favorites. I would recommend others to order from candy favorites. It saves money and time from shopping locally and using expensive Gas.

Paul P. from Vermont

I'm really happy I found your company. The candy came in really quick. I told my patients about you and a few ask for your website to make orders of their own. The prices are great and you get your money's worth. Thanks for everything. If I had a business you would be my supplier. I will be ordering again.

Bernadette C.

The absolute best place to buy bulk candy on the internet. Have purchased from them several times and it has always been a great experience.

Mike G.

This is a super company with which to work. They are professional and have great customer service.

Kathy P.

Vintage Candy Company ReviewsMy son is getting married in just over 6 weeks. We live in Texas, so I knew I MUST get the candy ordered for the candy buffet early in the year. It was late February before the items were chosen and I started looking locally. I found Candy Favorites to have what I needed (two of my hardest to find, and they would cold ship for a reasonable price). I placed my order and thought wow, great!

Several days later I got an email from the sweetest customer service rep (Sherry) She said one of my REALLY hard finds was back ordered for 3 weeks...running it a little close but I said okay. Then I got another email from Sherry --uh oh -- back-ordered for a month. Too close, so she called and we worked out a substitute. We received our candy earlier this week and that completed our buffet for the wedding. Thanks to Sherry and Candy Favorites -- Y'ALL WERE GREAT!


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my above referenced order from Candy Favorites. I hope you can look up the name of the woman who took my order, because she was incredibly friendly and helpful. I explained that my daughter's wedding was quickly approaching and we were late in trying to put together a candy buffet. She not only helped me with my selections, she quickly found the fastest and most economical way to ship the candy, and also made sure it didn't sit in the heat over the Labor Day holiday. It shipped exactly when she said it would and arrived one day later. 

I couldn't be happier with her customer service or the quality of the products received. In a time when it seems excellent customer service is almost a thing of the past, it was refreshing to see it's still alive and well with some companies. Candy Favorites.Com is one of them. Thanks again for taking what was a stressful time for me and making it a bit less stressful.


Online Candy Company ReviewsAlways a fanscinating experience to visit your site -- only problem is I get distracted by my own trips down memory lane! Truly a treasured source for candies and novelties from today and days gone by.


I just want to say how much I just love your website! You offer so many options that no one else does! You have everything I loved as a child! Thank you thank you!


Kind Sir, after considerable thought, I have decided to keep this candy. This was our mistake not yours. And after your immediate response to our e-mail yesterday we realize you are a responsible businessman and we certainly appreciate that. Your offer to us was beyond reasonable and I thank you. You haven't lost a customer in fact if the opportunity affords itself we will certainly order from you again. It warms our hearts to know that there are still businessmen who put their customer first.


Thank you for my order. It was sent to me in record time. I will recommend you to everyone I know.


I love ordering from your company - I have been a customer for almost 3 years now!
Your customer service is superb and the candy is always fresh! I always appreciate the free and fast shipping as well.


Online Candy Company ReviewsI just wanted to let customer service know that I had a great experience ordering from Candy Favorites. I have worked with Sherry, and even though the company ran out of the candy I ordered, I worked with Sherry and she went above and beyond to compensate for it. Thanks for everything, and I look forward to getting my candy. I will definitely be ordering from Candy Favorites in the future. These were also the cheapest prices I could find online, after spending much time researching.


I placed a relatively small order and upon receipt of the package, I determined that one of the items was incorrect. At this point, I contacted your customer service number and with 24 hours the issue was completely resolved, to my complete satisfaction. You not only did what you promised to do, but above and beyond the necessary actions. It was a true pleasure to deal with such a professional and high integrity company.

Although I do not make these candy purchases on a regular basis, I promise to use the Candy Favorites website the next time I need to purchase these type of product(s).

Thanks again for your professional and high integrity values and actions.


Hi Jon,

I'd like to thank you for your kindness in helping out with our candy bar. I wish I could have ordered everything from you. The packing of the candy was great! None of the candy was damaged nor melted. You guys insulated the boxes so well.

Conversely, I had to order other candies from Candy Warehouse, the packaging was horrible. They throw in some "ice boxes" to keep it cool, but it was not insulated or sealed very well so the ice boxes perspired onto the cardboard box and made it all soggy which allowed ants to get into the box. Fortunately, none of them got into the candy.

Thanks again,

Katie and Victor

This message is a little late but the more I think of how often we find the time to complain and to criticize, the more I have to take a minute to thank you!  My son got married on July 10th and while the setting was beautful NOTHING was more beautfiul than the candy buffet which was made up largely of candy purchased at CandyFavorites.com. Your staff was wonderful, accomodating, friendly and efficient.  As I have told all of my peers, "if you want the selection and honest integrity of hard working people, go to CandyFavorites.  Many companies claim to offer good customer service but I can honestly say that your slogan of "candy is what you deliver but service is what we sell" rings true.

Thanks a million,


We received the gourmet pops last Wednesday, which was such a nice surprise they came so quickly. By the way, I'm having trouble keeping my own HR co-workers out of them!

I apologize for not sending our thanks until today but I've been totally swamped with events here and only popped in and out briefly the end of last week. So, here I am, first quite moment of today even and you are the FIRST one I wanted to contact. I sincerely want you to know how much I appreciated your assistance with the order. Then including the Employee Council logo on all of the order was a completely unexpected surprise. It was especially kind of your company to accommodate that. You have no idea how much that meant to this small group of employees who try so hard to provide special activities for employees and receive some small recognition for doing it.

I really enjoy doing business with you and enjoyed our brief conversations as well. I hope you are having a wonderful, trouble free day and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Best regards,

Kathy (Florida)

Dear Jon,
I received my order today. I just want to thank you. Everything arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

I appreciate all of your help with my order. In a world where great customer service is hard to find, I am glad that companies with kind and knowledgable people, such as yourself, still exist. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you again!


I just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with the speed and safe delivery of my wrapped bulk candy. I have been searching for Brach's candy for along time. It's great to have found a candy outlet that delivers what they are advertising on the on-line store. I chose another candy company before finding yours and they were fraudulent in taking my money and not delivering my candy. I'm happy to have found you. Keep up the good service. Thank you again and I enjoyed doing business with you and look forward to doing business with you again.

Darla (Illinois)

Thank You for the prompt service. I am so pleased with the product! I ordered the swizzle sticks for my daughter's wedding and they absolutely perfect!!! Thanks again A++++++ rating!

Terry H

I just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to assist me with my order today. I really appreciate you taking the time to check inventory and go over all of our options in detail. In my line of business customer service is priority one, that is the only way you retain

I can honestly say I will definitely utilize your services in the future just from our interaction today.

Dan (Baltimore, MD)

Last Friday I received my package and I just needed to thank you for the service and timely delivery. For the first time in 10 years I went to a movie and could eat a lovely Hershey's Almond bar...can not describe that feeling but I guess it is right up there with winning the lottery!

Thank you once again and until next time!

Marisol L. Pedersen (Norway)

Cheers for your good efforts! Our candy arrived and we so appreciate your effort from start to finish! It is rare to find such a commitment to service on the internet. It is no wonder why your company has lasted for 75 years!

Nigel (London, England)

THREE CHEERS for Candy Favorites.Com!!

You did it ! The box arrived 15 minutes ago, in perfect condition, with apparently every little candy cane intact!

Your candy will be the last thing 250 teenagers will remember from this big Paris party, and their first taste of Christmas vacation! (I ate one, and it's delicious !).

Many, many thanks for a sterling performance by all who participated in making this risky project a success! Many thanks again and Merry Christmas to all.

Whitney (Paris, France)

Thank you, thank you, thank you... I placed an order with your company and it was delivered in a timely fashion. The candy is delicious and exactly what I wanted. You have restored my "faith" in ordering the candy I want online... I will be ordering again when my supply gets low

Arnita (Louisiana)

I ordered over the phone instead.... the difficulty was on my part. I am EXTREMELY impressed with your online site, the products you offer, and even better - the service you provide. You followed up immediately by calling me via phone, and now email. Also, the customer service person I dealt with - Sherri, was so nice, great personality, easy to talk to you, and provided me an outstanding experience! It still gets better - one day delivery at no charge! I am so happy. Thank you very much.

Laura (Ohio)

I received my shipment, and I am definitely satisfied! Thank you very, very much. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. I appreciate you being so sincere and concerned.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sharlene (Alabama)

I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY WITH THE SILVER HEARTS THAT WERE JUST DELIVERED. I originally ordered the silver coated almonds, but when I called your company and asked when I could expect them and was told that they never got sent out, I asked if I could change to the heart candy. I just want to let you know that the person who took care of me (I am so sorry I do not remember her name) was so very helpful, courteous and friendly. I would not hesitate one minute to order again. I was fortunate there was a little mix up with the delivery because I am very happy with the candy hearts instead of the almonds. Thanks for keeping to your word and sending them out so fast after the first mix up was cleared up. I also appreciate the fact that the shipping was not on the bill. So many times you have hassles with companies working out of the internet. I will RECOMMEND your company to everyone.

Vicky (Illinois)

The candy arrived really fast and we all appreciated it. It was nicely fresh, too. I'll keep your web site in my favorites.

Tim (Iowa)

True to your word, the candycanes arrived safe and sound just a few
minutes ago! None were broken! This was so nice of you, your company, and your
family (you can see I studied yr. website). Remember that you have an open
invitation. More later! Happy Holidays!

Wendy (Washington, D.C.)

I just received my Chupa Chups collectors tin and am very pleased with your fast shipping and excellent customer service!

I would love to be able to purchase other Chupa Chups products, specifically various flavors of their sugar-free lollipops and their "cocktail" flavor lollipops (margarita, daquiri, etc.). Is there a way I can special order these through McKeesport Candy?

Thanks again for my candy...the folks in my office love the lollipops and are fighting over who will get to keep the funky tin.

Eloy (California)

The candy arrived really fast and we all appreciated it. It was nicely fresh, too. I'll keep your web site in my favorites.

Tim (Maryland)

Just to let you know that I want to thank you very much for the fast order and delivery, very pleased, received. today already, are for my mother for her birthday, she loves these Necco's hard to find in quantity and at a good price around here.

Pat (New Jersey)

"Great selection of fabulous candies and terrific consumer service. This is a winning combination. It has been a pleasure ordering from you. Thanks for making our school needs/fundraiser more exciting."

Laura -- you really took that extra time and effort to make sure our order was perfect.

Allison (Texas)

It has been such a pleasure working with you! I wish you the best and look forward to working with you in the future!


Annie (Vancouver, BC)

I can't believe how easy it was to order candy from your company. Even though my order was small, I was treated like a queen from start to finish.

I have never had better customer service!!

Anne (Arizona)

In an age where customer service is an oxymoron, it is so refreshing to come across a company that stands behind their products.

The service and attention received was beyond my wildest expectations.

Daniel (New York)

Thanks for making our childrens' candy dreams come through. The order arrived exactly on time and we so appreciated the extra treats the you included.

If all internet stores cared for their customers as much as you, the internet would be a far better place!

Samantha (South Dakota)

I just wanted to let you know that the candy arrived today and was perfect! I want to thank you for your high level of customer service! I had to email two times regarding my order and both times, I could not believe how quick of a response that I received. I was truly astonished when you indicated in your last email that my order would take first priority on Monday morning--and IT ACTUALLY DID!

I have never had such good customer service and over the years, I have placed hundreds of orders for merchandise. I initially placed my order with another online candy company in California and I emailed them the same day I placed the order with you which was roughly two weeks ago. I STILL have not received the courtesy of a reply from them to this day!

Needless to say, I am very impressed with your customer service and will recommend you to all of my friends!

Rene (Oregon)

Service REALLY is what you sell and candy is what you deliver! How refreshing it is to work with a company that cares more for the customer than they do the bottom line!

Anthony (Missouri)

I must say, I am very impressed by the level of customer service. Nicely done!

Richard (Utah)

Isn't it amazing that the same internet riddled with deception could deliver such an amazing ending to a business transaction? I feel lucky to have stumbled across your website!

Lisa (New Jersey)

Go ahead and make the adjustment per free shipping. I appreciate your servant's heart and going the extra mile! Rare to find these days on the internet.

Kim (Texas)

The candy arrived when you said it would and is as delicious as you said it would be. It was the perfect wedding candy.

THANK YOU! You were wonderful to deal with!

Sydney (Missouri)

Thank you for your efforts in helping me today with my order. It truly says something towards Customer Relationship Management.

Char (Florida)

Thanks again for the personal service! I will definitely be a return customer and will tell my friends and family about you!

Wendy (Washington)

I thanks you so much for going beyond the extra duty for me. Your customer service is the best I have ever encountered online!

Vicki (Connecticut)

I just wanted to follow up and thank you again for all of your help. From my first email inquiring about product to my phone call placing an order, you have provided excellent service! Kudos to you!

Jessica (Pennsylvania)

It is a pleasure doing business with McKeesport Candy Co. The courtesy, service and personal attention are extraordinary in this day and age. Many thanks for all the assistance and I look forward to getting my candy

Rod (California)

Thank you so much for accommodating us. We got our candy in time and the candy favor bar was a big hit!

Tony (Rhode Island)

I tell you Jon, it's a real treat to get such attention and service!

Many, many thanks for your efforts!!

Elaine (Colorado)

Just wanted to say Thank You once again!

Rikki (Washington)

I want to thank you for your QUICK response to your request earlier this morning. You demonstrated the epitome of top notch customer service. I look forward to doing business with you again

Wendy (Ohio)

Wow! I am excited to work with people who care about their customers. What a refreshing day this has been!

Evan (New Jersey)

Thank you for the fastest delivery service that I have ever seen! I will be back and will refer my friends to you!!

Molly (Maryland)

I really appreciate your customer service! It means a lot in this day when a senior person at a company will take the time to make it right!

Joanna (New Mexico)

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