Cherry Red Dollars are a delicious and fun and can be used as a learning tool

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  • Cherry Red Dollars are a delicious and fun and can be used as a learning tool
  • Cherry Red Dollars have a variety of world currency markings on them!
  • You don't have to spend a mint to enjoy the great taste of Cherry Red Dollars

Cherry Red Dollars - 4 lb.

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Red Dollars were introduced in 1926 as oval pieces of gum emblazoned with a dollar sign, but back then the name had nothing to do with the flavor.  Over the years, this edible currency has seen fluctuations -- now, the assortment includes a multitude of different world currency markings -- but the value of the delicious flavor continues to increase.

Perhaps Red Dollars are not a hedge against inflation but they sure are an investment against going hungry especially when you desire their delicious cherry flavor and fun to eat chewy texture.

Here's a fun fact --  Red Dollar derives from a slang expression that means something new, popular, or innovative, and it wasn’t until the 1940’s that the name was changed to Red  Dollars to reflect  the candy that everybody loves. 

Delicious to eat and a good value too is why Red Dollars are one of the most sought after gummi candies that we offer not to mention amongst the hardest to find.  I guess we can chalk that up to "supply and demand."

Please note that as of 2012, these candies are now made by the Ferrara and have a "new and improved" cherry flavor and we are handpacking them in 4 lb. bags to ensure freshness!

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Cherry Red Dollars Red Dollars were introduced in 1926 as pieces of gum emblazoned with a dollar sign, but did you know the name has nothing to do with the flavor?

  • Price: $19.93
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Excited to find Red Dollars!
Review by Rich - The Bulb Guy , 2/12/13

To my Favorite Candy People,

I grew up in Hoboken NJ in the projects and was born in 1951. We had a candy store at the bottom of our apartment much like the old fashion candy store you talk about in your advertisement. I would find Coke bottles and turn them in to buy the RED Dollar which were 2 for a penny at that time. Every day as I did my homework and watch Howdy Doody and I would try make the two licorice candies last as long as I possible could. Very fond memory.

When our family moved to California in 1960 I looked for the RED DOLLARS in the San Jose area but to no avail. Every time we would go somewhere I would look. Never found them anywhere.

I’m 61 now and two weeks ago a co-worker of mine gave me some candy from CANDY FAVORITES. He explained how you folks had the candies in groups of decades which got me thinking.

You have no idea how excited I was when I found MY RED DOLLAR ( 1930’s ) candies.

What can I say?

Thank you
The Bulb Guy from San Jose

I have loved these since I was a child!
Review by stra23 , 11/30/12

I have loved Raspberry dollars since I was a child. I can't find this candy anywhere other than here! I'm so happy it is still sold and ordering it online is really easy!

Red Raspberry Dollars
Review by Char , 9/3/12

I have been looking all over for these and I have finally found them. Made alot of mistakes by buying Red Dollars and finding out I was buying the wrong ones over and over again. Thank you for having these Red Raspberry Dollars.

Review by Lost without my dollars! , 8/11/12

By far, these are my addiction!! They take me way back and in my 50"s I still crave:)

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Cherry Red Dollars

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