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Skybar - 24 / Box

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Sky Bars were manufactured in the 1930’s by Necco which still makes the Skybars to this very deal.

Their name comes from a marketing stunt that was done when they were introduced in 1938 using an innovative skywriting campaign.
One fun fact about the Skybar is that it is often confused with the discontinued Seven Up candy bar. Despite the name confusion, the amazing taste is anything but forgettable!

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Skybar Sky Bars were manufactured in the 1930’s by Necco which still makes the delicious bars today. It’s name comes from its introduction into the public in 1938 through an innovative skywriting campaign.

  • Price: $25.03
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Skybar Halloween Memory
Review by homefiremagic , 9/1/12

When I was a kid (many many moons ago) we loved the Skybar candy bar. My brother in particular. He used to say when we ate it we were becoming a part of the sky and the stars. We came up with a plan that because we had so much candy every year from trick or treating and that the sky was so much bigger than the two of us that we would share our huge bounty with other children in the neighborhood who could not go trick or treating. So we made up (with our mom's help) bags of candy and distributed them all over the neighborhood. My wonderful brother even shared his beloved Skybars which not only made me adore him but which was a factor in me continuing the tradition into my adulthood and even up to now.

I have introduced Skybars to numerous people and when they ask me where and how I came by them I say: You can buy them at Candy Favorites and when you eat and enjoy one just remember Sonny (my brother) in the sky. I miss my brother who has been gone several years now but it always brings a smile to my face when I have one of his "Skybars". Thanks for letting me share my memory of Halloween, Skybars and Ray (Sonny) Carver my beloved brother.

Review by Milissa M , 7/19/12

Recently and quite unexpectedly I found myself working the busy Summer Season at the Nantucket Airport in Massachusetts. Curious of what Nantucket Airport was about.. I wandered around the artistic lined hallways with hand-painted local art that were eye catching. At the end of the hallway going towards Gate 1 there is a Gift shop. Inside towards the back of the store is the treat section. Like a lighthouse beacon blinking my path for safety were yellow packages on the shelf. I picked one up and noticed the name "sky bar" ironic since Im in the Airport. Next I noticed the picture of lovely chocolate choices inside. A variety of four flavors that looks like mini truffles. I had to buy one. I opened my purchase and was so happy that the whole bar was mine. I tried one and took a bite of the most chocolatey fudge center that I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. A smooth chocolate coating with a yummy fudge center. Each piece after that was a fun time with different flavors. Each bite made me smile when I looked at the center. It took eight bites to finish and nine smiles along the last smile lasted the remainder of my day. Thank You for an Awesome treat and treasure that I am glad I found in the most unexpected place

Review by santaruss , 6/18/12

When I was a child my grandfather would by Skybars and each of us grandchildren ( there were four of us) would get a section. Fond memory of guessing which section you would get motivated me years later to find they were still on the market. In my first church in Port Huron, Michigan one of the members who happen to be a pink lady in the hospital auxiliary heard my fond recollection of childhood and ordered a box of Skybars. Each time I would go visit someone in the hospital she would call out to me if she saw me at the desk and sneak me a bar from the box she kept under the counter. I always offered to pay but she refused to take any money as it was her way to minister to me as I ministered to others. Skybars will always have a special place in my heart because of those memories.

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