Jelly Chick and Rabbits are packed in 5 lb. bags

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  • Jelly Chick and Rabbits are packed in 5 lb. bags
  • Vibrant colors, chewy textures and adorable shapes is what makes Jelly Chicks and Rabbits so popular.

Jelly Chicks & Rabbits - 5 lb.

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What comes to mind when you think of Easter? Rebirth? Baby animals? Sugar? Well, if you said one or all of the above, then great minds really do think alike! Nothing seems more fitting this time of year than sugary-sweet baby animals, which is why we think Jelly Chicks & Rabbits wil be the perfect treat for all of your Easter festivities. 

Fruity, smooth jelly coated with a layer of sugary sweetness, Jelly Chicks & Rabbits are just what you need this season. They're adorable and delicious, and are sure to bring smiles to anyone lucky enough to snag a few. So don't be afraid to share! With 450 pieces per pound, we think you can probably spare at least one or two...maybe. 

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Jelly Chicks & Rabbits Jelly Chicks & Rabbits are fruity jelly candies made just for Easter Baskets. Adorable shapes, chewy textures and delicious taste is what makes these candies a must have.

  • Price: $22.03
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