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Brach's Chocolates require little introduction. Anyone who loves chocolate knows that Brach's Stars and Malts are beyond compare. We've had a relationship with Brach's for over 50 years. You can count on Candy Favorites to provide fresh, authentic Brach's products year after year.

Chocolate You Can Count On

 Sometimes the brand just matters. For many of us, there's only one real ketchup. There's also only one chocolate star that really belongs on top of Christmas cookies. The creamy Brach's chocolate is the stuff of tradition, and it gets harder to find every year. As long as we can, we'll make sure you know exactly where to go to get the candies that matter.

Magical Malted Milk

Brach’s Malts have been one of our most popular items for decades. One bite into the crunchy, milk-chocolate-covered malt center, and you're likely to be hooked for life. Many companies have tried to match the delicate balance of ingredients and perfection of texture, but they've all failed. Next to Malted Milk Balls in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Brach's Malts...and an order form.

Each variety of Brach's chocolate candy deserves its own place to shine, so that's what you'll find in this section. Browse unbeatable Bridge Mix and array of satisfying snacks doused in Brach's milk chocolate. There are Blue Diamond Almonds and Chocolate Covered Raisins. Whatever you're in the mood for, Brach's has a delectable chocolate-covered version to suit your sweet tooth.

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