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Retro Candy is our Specialty

Established over 80 years ago, McKeesport Candy Co., has been offering candy favorites long before they were considered 'retro.'

The Corner Candy Store for the Next Millennium

Remember when walking down the street with a nickel was a magical moment? Everybody has special memories associated with the candy they enjoyed when they were kids. At CandyFavorites, we love being able to help our customers relive those memories with our extensive selection of retro and hard-to-find candy that brings a little happiness with every piece. The corner candy store was likely a place where the candy man knew your name. While we don’t actually know all of our online customers, we strive to deliver the same kind of personal service you received back then. We are devoted to making shopping for candy online a positive, secure experience.

  • The Oldest Wholesale Candy Company Online

    McKeesport Candy Company, the parent company of, has been serving candy lovers since 1927. We were the first wholesale candy company to launch an online store, and we’ve been working to improve our website ever since. If you think of a way to make our site easier to use, more informative, or just plain better, let us know.

  • We Think Brach’s Candy Rocks

    As one of the first distributors of Brach’s Candy, and the very first company to sell Brach’s candy online, we know the importance of candy that stays the same for generations. Our original Brach’s Candies have been among our most popular products since we started selling the brand in the 1930’s!

  • Call Us Old-Fashioned

    You can call it retro, vintage, or nostalgic. But whatever candies your memories are made of, we want to help you relive those moments. We’re so focused on hard-to-find nostalgic candy that we’ve created a “Retro Candy by Decade” section where you can buy candy online from any era of the last century.

  • A Candy Buffet Extravaganza

    No matter what your theme, you can find the candy to cover it at You can browse candy by color, brand, flavor, or decade. Need bulk candy for a wedding, a corporate event, or another special occasion? We even offer private-label packaging and a full line of customizable candy, including custom printed chocolate lollipops with edible graphics.

For over 80 years, Candy is what we deliver but service is what we sell™