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Buying Candy Online

Candy Favorites for Your Favorite Dad

June 14, 2016 by

dads-root-beer-barrelsDad’s Deserve Something Sweet!

When Father’s Day rolls around, do you find yourself running into the same old situation? You ask Dad what he wants, only for him to tell you that he has everything he needs, or that his children are the best gift he could ask for? We hear ya.

As nice as it is for Dad to not want to burden us with finding a gift, it seems that this inability to decide leaves us with the task of making even more decisions than before! Do you buy another tie? Another shirt for his favorite sports team? Another gift hard to Home Depot?

No, friends. You do not. You know why? Because we have the secret to making your dad’s day the best day of the year. And can you guess what that secret is? Candy! Surprising, we know.

Candy is just about the best thing for Dad on Father’s Day because it will probably be the last thing that he is expecting. After all, often the best gifts are the ones that come as the biggest surprise. And when it’s a sweet surprise, you know he won’t be disappointed.

Lest you think that we have nothing your dad will like, allow us to reassure you. We have Jelly Belly Draft Beer Jelly Beans that taste so much like the real thing, you may even impress Dad with your beer know-how.

Luckily for everyone in the family, these beans are completely alcohol free, so everyone can enjoy! (If Dad decides to share, that is).

But maybe your dad is more interested in root beer than beer-beer. If that’s the case, never fear! We have Dad’s Root Beer Barrels as well. Full of that classic root beer taste, they’re pretty irresistible, if we do say so ourselves.

And we would be remiss were we not to mention our sport’s candy section—the perfect place to find just the treat for any tried and true sport’s fan.

Clearly, there’s a lot going on over here for Father’s Day. So don’t let your dad miss out on these treats! We have a feeling that this is going to be the most memorable Father’s Day yet.

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Take Your Candy Colors Beyond Orange & Black

October 6, 2015 by

bulk_candy_colorsWhen you think of Halloween, chances are the first colors that pop into your mind are orange and black. After all, orange is the color of pumpkins, bonfires, and changing leaves, and black represents death, darkness, bats, black cats, and cauldrons – all of which are popular Halloween themes and symbols. However, your Halloween candy color options are not limited to just orange and black. Blood red, deep purple, lime green, and ghostly white are a few of our favorite underrated Halloween colors. Combining bulk candy in these colors can take the ghoulish theme of your Halloween decorations, and Halloween candy, to a whole new level this season!


What says spooky more than green skinned monsters, witches’ brews, and slime? Add eerie green to your Halloween decorations this year with our selection of green bulk candy. Channel the wicked witch of the west with a bowl of dark green M&M’s or add shimmer lime green sixlets to a cauldron bowl for a deliciously creepy potion.


There’s no denying that Halloween is a gory holiday — bloodthirsty vampires and crazed zombies are just two of the not-so-nice characters that we see a lot of this time of the year. Draw inspiration for your candy colors from the scary side of Halloween! A bowl of our Red Cherry Licorice Bites will look like it belongs next to a Vampire’s coffin.


Purple has always been associated with the night, mysticism, and witches’ hats, making it a magical addition to your Halloween theme this year. Create a sense of mystery with some of our purple candy by topping off your Halloween party punch with Grape Pop Rocks or decorating cupcakes with Grape Rock Candy.


It wouldn’t be Halloween without ghosts — they’re one of Halloween’s spookiest characters after all (except for Casper the Friendly Ghost, of course). Because of this staple Halloween character, we think white is a great color to incorporate into your decorations this year. Our ghostly white gumballs are perfect for the job! Dum Dums lollipops can easily be covered with white fabric and tied to create adorable ghosts for all of your trick-or-treaters.

Add some diversity to your Halloween candy colors this year with some of these underrated choices. We have a huge selection of colorful candy for you to choose from, so you’ll be the sweetest house on the block!

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Have a Sweet Cyber Monday!

November 26, 2012 by

If  you’ve been browsing deals online all day today, I’ll bet you wish you’d ordered some sweets in the time leading up to this shopping smorgasbord. Favorite candies (especially the seasonal ones) can brighten any day, but especially those filled with multitasking and hiding your non-work browser windows. If you’ve waited for Cyber Monday to order hard-to-find traditional candies, we’ve got something sweet in our online candy store for you.
candy deals for cyber monday

Get FREE CANDY, too!

TODAY ONLY (11/26/2012) use these coupon codes to get dollars off your order, FREE shipping, and FREE Arnold’s old-fashioned Peppermint Puffs. These nostalgic retro candies will bring back Christmas memories for young and old.

Don’t forget to enter the coupon code that corresponds with your order size!

Buying Candy Online

A Sweet Candy Store with Free Shipping

December 12, 2011 by

Thanks to social media, we’ve been connecting with lots of new friends and followers lately. It’s nice to meet you! Since those new to us might not know what we’re all about, we’d like to fill you in on how things work around here.

free candy shipping

Nostalgic Candy

Our company has been around (and in the family) for over 80 years. We’re more than a little bit sentimental about candy. After all, we think about it all the time. To us, the value of candy lies in a simpler time, old fashioned candywhen things moved more slowly and moments were meaningful. The old-fashioned candies we’ve come to cherish have become favorites because we connect them to memories of the past. Whether you miss penny candy, can’t get the Bonomo song out of your head, or can only chew BlackJack gum, our goal is to get you the candy that keeps bringing back those memories.

Back when most of the candies we sell were being introduced, you could buy them at a local candy counter from your neighborhood candy man. These days, you can have practically anything delivered to your door from just about anywhere, but it usually comes without much individual attention. At Candy Favorites, we want to maintain that personal connection with our customers. Candy is supposed to be fun, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure you have some.

Serious Customer Service

candy customer serviceWe know that most of our customers just want a safe, reliable place to get their favorite candies and have it go smoothly. That’s why our motto is, “Candy is what we deliver but service is what we sell.” What that means is that, when you make a purchase at, you can expect a positive experience. We can’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong, but it’s how you act in tough times that shows what you’re made of.

If you love your experience, we hope you’ll share your story with us on our social media. But if there’s a problem, please don’t hesitate to tell us. We want to know about it and to make sure you’re happy in the end. Just check out the stories of customers whose orders were made right after something went awry.

Free Shipping

free candy shipppingIf there’s one thing that can ruin the joy of an online candy shopping spree, it’s shipping. You get to the end of the road only to find that it costs as much to ship your candy as it does to buy it. Whether you abandon your cart or begrudgingly go through with the purchase, the whole thing leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. And everything about candy should be sweet! That’s why we’ve taken an unusual approach to shipping.

We were one of the first online candy stores, period. So it’s part of our job to stay ahead of the curve. We found that the best way to get around the shipping issue was to make it free. At any given time, offers free shipping on orders above a certain dollar amount (check our site for the latest rates). With our free shipping promotions, you can usually get free shipping by ordering 2 or 3 items. It’s the best online shipping deal around! There’s never a minimum order required to use our site, and most of our orders ship for free. And those that don’t get a discounted flat shipping rate.

A Downright Nice Candy Company

That’s what we hope you’ll think of us. These are just a few of the values that make up the culture here at Candy Favorites. We’re always working to make the candy-buying experience better for you. We’ve added the BuySafe guarantee free of charge to every order to help protect our customers. And we’re always available on Twitter and Facebook to help you find candy, answer your questions, or get your concerns to the right people. Don’t hesitate to talk to us. We love hearing from you.

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Shopping by DECADES is a NEW way to shop for RETRO CANDY

August 4, 2011 by
Shopping by DECADES is a NEW way to shop for Old Fashioned Retro Candy!

Shopping by DECADES is a NEW way to shop for Old Fashioned Retro Candy and our Confectionary Timeline is a great place to learn about the history of candy!


There’s something about old fashioned candy that immediately transports everyone with a demanding sweet tooth back to the days of picking out their favorite treat at the corner store. specializes in reviving sweet memories with the internet’s largest selection of retro candy. In fact, browsing through our site is much like taking a quick lesson in the history of candy.

Most candy connoisseurs have a definite product in mind when they turn to the Internet to find their favorite candy. If that item falls under the retro candy genre, they might even have a specific timeframe in mind especially if they are looking for candy for an anniversary or special birthday!

Instead of forcing shoppers to waste valuable time browsing through page after page of random choices, we have organized our vintage sweets by the original date of manufacturer which we call our Shop by Decades Retro Candy Section.
If you’d like a more extensive look at how candy has evolved through the years, don’t forget to click on the confectionary timeline  as you will be amazed at how much candy has stayed the same and changed over the past hundred years!

Take a walk along the candy timeline today for a tasty reminder of your childhood or to introduce your kids to a sweet treat from a past era.

We have long believed that the future of candy is rooted in the past…..

Buying Candy Online

How to safely ship your favorite candies in hot weather!

July 22, 2011 by
Shipping Candy in hot weather!
It’s beastly hot and below are a few tips for how you can enjoy candy in hot weather!


The past week has seen record hot temperatures throughout the United States and while few things are better than warm sunny weather, it can pose a challenge when shipping  perishable candies.

 We suggest that you purchase at least one ice pack for each candy purchased and you may want to invest in a protective thermo case to further safeguard and insulate your purchase.  Please note that the thermocase will not cool your product unless you add ice packs…

Ice packs will last about two days in extremly warm weather so you may also want to consider upgrading to a faster shipping option such as UPS 2nd Dair Air or faster.  We offer discounted shipping rates and if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to call.
Certain items such as chocolates and gummy candies are risky even if you follow the steps above. If possible, you might want to consider waiting until the weather cools before ordering.  We know it is hard to wait but sometimes it is the safest thing to do….
Of course, when Winter arrives on the East Coast, we will be yearning for the “Dog Days” of Summer but, until then, please take caution when ordering persishable candies and please know that we will do everything in our power to help you find the safest, most economical shipping methods!
Please click here to read a few of the Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Weather Shipping.
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CandyFavorites introduces a newly redesigned site!

January 11, 2011 by
Future of Candy is rooted in the past...

CandyFavorites is proud to announce the launch of our newly designed, state of the art, website!


Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) 11 January 2011 —, the Internet’s oldest and largest online candy store, has launched a redesigned website incorporating advanced online ordering, live chat, a visual search engine and an enhanced retro design that pays tribute to American candy history.

 “We’re creating an online experience for candy lovers that goes beyond commerce,” says Jon H.Prince, President, “our goal is to provide a single destination for candy education, the purchase of everyone’s favorite candies and to pay tribute to an industry that has brought joy to candy lovers throughout many generations.”

 The newly designed site offers over 2800 varieties of candy, with an emphasis on bulk candy, Brachs Candy and hard to find old-fashioned and classic candy offerings. It also features an expanded candy history section as well as a blog featuring product reviews and an opportunity for unbiased consumer interaction.

 With an emphasis on customer service features and round the clock customer support, CandyFavorites aims to continue to provide the best customer service in the online candy industry.

 “Candy is what we deliver but service is what we sell,” says Jon Prince. “It has been this way for over eighty years and we see no reason to change a working formula.  Too many sites focus exclusively on selling and forget that the customer experience is what makes an online shopping experience memorable.”

 As the founder of McKeesport Candy Co, Ernest Prince, said in his 1955 Presidential keynote speech to the National Candy Wholesalers Association, “To continue progress, the candy wholesaler must find better ways to serve the mass work. Two very important ways in which he is better equipped is the quality of customer service and availability of merchandise.”   “I couldn’t have come up with a better strategy” says Jon Prince.


About McKeesport Candy Co. / is backed by one of the oldest candy wholesalers in North America, McKeesport Candy Company, based in Pennsylvania. It is one of the internet’s oldest candy stores and has over 2800 items in their candy warehouse. It was one of the first online stores to offer an educational section featuring pictures of retro candy advertisements as well as history and trivia of many of the candies offered.