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Welcome to the Official Candy Blog of CandyFavorites.com formerly known as Candyblog.org

My name is Jon Prince and I am the owner of McKeesport Candy Co., founder of CandyFavorites.com and the mediator of Candy Blog

My company was established in 1927 making us one of the oldest candy wholesalers in the nation. Our website was launched in 1998  making it one of the oldest candy related website and offers over 2800 varieties of candy including many hard to find retro candies.

With the resurgence of interest in nostalgic candy, we thought it would be fun to provide a forum for candy lovers to share ideas, wax eloquent about favorite candies and reminisce about a product that brings joy to all.

This blog is for entertainment  purposes only and while we strive for  historical accuracy, we encourage you to check with the manufacturer for definitive historical information.

Much of our historical material has come from the  “public domain”  from sources such as Wikipedia and from manufacturer’s websites. The latter are a wealth of public information and a great way to learn more.  Please see below for a partial list of sources for historical data presented:

Please note that our beloved blogger, Becca Droz, is a paid employee of CandyFavorites.com and is not charged for any of the products that she reviews BUT we give her full editorial license and encourage her to be fair and unbiased.

We hope this forum is fun and informative and encourage you to share your opinions!


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