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Giveaway: Enter to Win Our Last Bag of Licorice Snaps!

June 15, 2018 by

Black licorice. When it comes to candy, this may be one of the most polarizing topics out there. Licorice haters may always hate, but licorice lovers are some of the most die-hard fans we know. So if you love licorice, then you already know that Licorice Snaps were a household name for generations.

Licorice Snaps: The Holy Grail of Licorice

Licorice Snaps

In 1914, Martin Kretchmer founded the American Licorice Company in Chicago, Illinois. Back then, Black Licorice Twists were the focus, and when those caught on, the company began to expand their offerings. It wasn’t until the 1930’s, however, when The Original Snaps Chewy Classic Candy came onto the scene. This treat, with its chewy licorice center and pastel-colored candy coating, soon became a cult favorite amongst licorice lovers, nationwide.

Through the years, The Original Snaps Chewy Classic Candy offered countless moments of joy to candy lovers young and old alike. But, in recent years, the candy was discontinued, leaving many a licorice connoisseur to get their fix elsewhere. We are always sorry to see the end of a retro candy, especially one as iconic as The Original Snaps.

But then, we stumbled across something wonderful in our midst: one bag of The Original Snaps Chewy Classic Candy.

How this single gem escaped us before, we aren’t certain. But, we’ve decided to host a giveaway for our last remaining bag of Snaps. After all, it could be the last bag left in the country, so it only seems right to send it off with a bang.

original formula licorice snaps bagHere’s How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, make a strong case for yourself in the comments section below: why should we give you our final bag of Snaps? You could include a nostalgic memory, a funny event–anything that shows us not just how much you love and appreciate this special licorice treat, but why you’re deserving of the very last bite.

So, time to flex your creative muscle! We can’t wait to read your responses. 

Snaps Giveaway responses will be accepted until July 2nd, 2018. The winner will be chosen and notified via email on July 5th, 2018.

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Why Not Propose a Candy Buffet for Your Special Day

June 9, 2017 by

“Life is the best party I’ve ever been invited to.”     — Arlene Francis

candy buffets are the life of the party!Dearly beloved . . . we are gathered here at the most popular month for weddings! Finally it’s your day. A day you’ve been dreaming about for so long. All the planning and preparation is over. Now it’s time to celebrate with family and friends. White dresses and black tuxedos. Beautiful flowers and great music. Delicious food, delectable cookies and you even remembered to include an eye-catching, colorful, candy buffet.

But hold the rice! Don’t toss your bouquet just yet!  Because candy buffets aren’t just for weddings you know!

On your wedding day, I’m sure you’ll hear the saying “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” But for all those candy lovers not walking down the aisle this month, let’s “marry” that well-known quote to some unique candy buffets for any occasion.

Candy buffets

Candy Buffets are not just for weddings anymore…

How about Something old to create a Happy 60th or 70th birthday candy buffet using candy favorites from years ago like Kits Taffy, Butterfinger, Chuckles (we can all laugh about our age now, can’t we), Mr. Goodbar, Oh Henry and a product from my era, the 1950’s, M&Ms. Celebrating a high school class reunion is a great occasion to set up a candy buffet featuring your high school colors. Celebrating your hair style back in those days . . . hmmm . . . not so much!

necco wintergreen mints

A candy buffet adds a sweet touch to almost any event!

Something new has endless possibilities for your candy buffet. Did your new neighbors buy that house next to yours? Why not throw them a “welcome to your new home” party? If it’s spring time how about a candy buffet done in all pastel colors? Candy Favorites has pastel M&Ms, gumballs, Hershey Kisses and even licorice. Add some 5th Avenues and Milky Ways. What a great way to welcome them to your great neighborhood!

Did someone have a new baby? Pink and blue candy buffets will welcome in that bundle of joy. Fill candy jars with Baby Ruths and Pacifier Pops for some added laughs.

Learn how to add creative touches to any event!

Any special day should have a candy buffet!

Something borrowed brings to mind sleepovers! You get it . . . you’re actually borrowing your children’s friends for a fun filled night, where they stay up late, watch movies, play games and eat candy!  Tootsie Pops, Fun Dip, Gummie Bears and Dubble Bubble Bubblegum will keep the laughs going.

Once I walked down to our basement at one of my daughter’s sleepovers and saw every kid glued to their phone. “Ok, all phones off, everyone make two teams,” I laughed. Then I gave each of them a wooden stick and the first one in line got a Life Saver. “The first team to successfully pass the Life Saver from one person to the other by holding your wooden stick in your mouth wins a prize.”

See who can blow the biggest bubble with bubble gum. Ask them to guess how many Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are in a jar. Play Minute to Win It to see how many M&Ms each kid can suck up with a straw and transfer them in a bowl. It’s amazing how candy can be such fun!

nestle crunchAnd lastly, Something blue. Why not set up a blue candy buffet at your next Pitt, West Virginia, Penn State, North Carolina, Michigan, or Notre Dame football game? There’s blue Air Heads and Nestles Crunch. Whether it’s your high school team or your favorite pro sports team, the possibilities and color combinations are endless.

So celebrate life with candy. Whether it’s a birthday, new home, sleepover, tailgating with friends, or saying “I do” with the one you love, a candy buffet fits into any special occasion or reason for a party! So go on! Throw the rice! Blow out the candles! Giggle with your friends! Yell for your favorite team!

Life is about moments. Create them. Don’t wait for them. Life is sweet. Celebrate it!

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Margarita’s, Bassett Licorice Allsorts Story

June 16, 2012 by
Licorice Allsorts have been a classic for many generations!

Licorice Allsorts have been a classic for many generations!

We stumbled across this charming review on and had to include it on the blog.
Being surrounded by candy, I often forget just how much joy our products can bring!
Here’s wishing candy lovers around the globe a happy, healthy holiday!
 I was a child refugee in England in 1937 from the revolution going on in Spain
At that time I was six years of age.
Two years later in 1939 England was at war with Germany and as the war progressed Food Rationing became a way of life.
A child’s ration book differed from the adult book and in my ration book I was entitled to two ounces of candy a month.
I discovered the English licorice that I had never seen or tasted in Spain
It proved to be a real winner for me because the Licorice was great and I would separate the little square one’s to make the candy last longer as Thirty days was a long time to wait for the next ration
My favorite was the pink and yellow round ones with the coconut on the outside and licorice center.
I was repatriated in 1948 and that was the end of my Bassett’s love affair, or so I thought…
I married an American in 1955 and discovered Bassett”s Licorice All Sorts once again, but always in small packetts.
My children know of my addiction to Bassetts and last year my daughter found your company and sent me a christmas gift of a package that had three 5 pound bags. I was speachless, two ounces to 15 pounds. WOW!
Yes, I still separate the little square ones.
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Keepin’ it Sweet and Sophisticated With Natural Vines Strawberry Licorice

January 25, 2011 by
Natural Vines Strawberry Licorice

Natural Vines Strawberry Licorice is a natural twist on a licorice candy classic


Sharability: 10

Denture Danger: 7

Convenience: 8

Novelty: 7

Overall: 8

This candy claims to be made with all natural ingredients including wheat flour, cane syrup, sugar, brown rice syrup, palm oil, malic acid, natural strawberry flavor, beet juice (a natural color), glycerin and licorice extract. They contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.

The American Licorice Company has “been dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of the preeminent licorice for five generations, since 1914.” The company now satisfies the taste buds of the most sophisticated candy connoisseurs.

At first bite I was not impressed by the taste of this strawberry flavored licorice, it tasted like any low quality red licorice that could be found wrapped in any generic package. A few bite size twists later the candy had won me over and I was double fisting the chewy red globs.

The texture is pleasantly soft and the sweet flavor coats the taste buds with touch of tang.

The idea that this candy is “natural” (whatever that means now-a-days) makes it seem like it is almost healthy to munch down on these bite size pieces and eat as many as your hands can stuff in your mouth before the bag is empty.

With that said, this is a great candy to share, to bring to the movies and reseal for tomorrow night’s sunset with all of your friends who love you because you supply them with candy.


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Red Licorice Laces make Happy Faces

October 2, 2009 by
Strawberry Licorice Laces are perfect for kids of all ages...

Strawberry Licorice Laces are perfect for kids of all ages...

Sharability: 10

Denture Danger: 7

Convenience: 10

Novelty: 8

Overall: 7
Red laces, as the name implies, are a red licorice rope of hard chewy candy. The rope comes wrapped up in a big circle and it is hard to resist ripping off a huge string of it.

Who doesn’t like chewing on the end of a piece of candy while the other end of it is dangling at your feet? The rope is also fun to play around with by making licorice bracelets and twirling it around your fingers and biting it off.

This candy is so convenient because you can just bunch some up and stuff it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go, offering pieces to your friends along the way.  Let us be honest though, this isn’t the soft chewy juicy strawberry red twists licorice. This is a tough red rope of licorice. But despite it’s lack of juiciness it is so fun to eat that it doesn’t even matter!

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Ah, the Convenience of Individually Wrapped Twizzlers

September 24, 2009 by
Perfect for pocket, purse or gift, Individually Wrapped Twizzlers fit the bill

Perfect for pocket, purse or gift, Individually Wrapped Twizzlers fit the bill

Sharability: 10

Denture Danger: 6

Convenience: 10

Novelty: 7

Overall: 10

We all know about Twizzlers, at least we all should. Young and Smylie (Y&S) Company manufactures this delicious strawberry licorice candy. Y&S was established in 1845 and was bought by Hershey Foods in 1977.

Y&S originally introduced Twizzlers in 1845 as black licorice, but as of 1990 Twizzlers are produced in strawberry, chocolate, cherry, and watermelon in varying shapes and sizes.

 Now, you can find little nibs licorice, which are bite size pieces, you can find Pull ‘n’ Peel or rainbow Twizzlers, and you can always get the regular Twizzlers that you get at the concession stand at the movies.

But, one kind of Twizzler you can’t find everywhere is the individually wrapped Twizzler.

Individually wrapped Twizzlers are a great table candy for parties–– even Bar Mitzvah parties because this is a Kosher candy–– especially if you worry about people touching more than they take, and at this time of year preventing the spread of the swine.

What these are best for though is grabbing when you are on the go. Instead of buying a whole pack where you end up eating every Twizzler whether or not you want to, you can limit your intake by eating one now, and one in a little bit, and saving one for later… quite convenient if you ask me. 

Fun Fact: The longest licorice twist ever made was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records on July 19, 1998 at 1,200 feet and 100 pounds.

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Claps for Licorice Snaps

August 21, 2009 by
Licorice Snaps, manufactured by American Licorice, are a beloved candy!

Licorice Snaps, manufactured by American Licorice, are a beloved candy and are addictive to boot!

Sharability: 10

Denture Danger: 7

Convenience: 8

Novelty: 10

Overall: 9

Each one of these hollow licorice cylinders is coated in a candy paint that gives each color a unique unidentifiable flavor. The colors green, orange, pink, and white all have a distinct flavor some of which are more enjoyable than others. The white is a nice sweet neutral taste that allows you to enjoy the licorice flavoring the most.

The green, the pink, and the orange hit you with a strangely sweet flavor that slightly throws you off from the licorice, but in the end blends well.  These little snaps are addicting. Even though there are a lot of licorice treats out there that are way better than these snaps, something about them compels you to mix up the flavors and have another.

Maybe it’s because licorice snaps were first introduced in the young 1930’s and people of all ages have been enjoying the exact same candy almost 80 years later. The hollow center makes the hard licorice seem soft and chewy as the strange flavor blends into the licorice, it’s no wonder these snaps have been enjoyed for so many years.

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Licorice Records to Licorice Wheels

August 3, 2009 by
Red Licorice Wheels are an old time classic

Red Licorice Wheels are an old time classic

Sharability: 4

Denture Danger: 4

Convenience: 6

Novelty: 7

Overall: 9

My mom told me about how when she was a kid, every day at lunch time she would line up at Ben’s Market with her friends with a penny in her sweaty palm ready to buy her favorite candy, a licorice record.

The licorice record was a rolled up licorice ribbon that even had the little ridges that a record would have, in the center was a small piece of hard candy. Unfortunately, the candy records as my mom knew them no longer exist, but modern days call for modern measures and we now have Haribo’s licorice wheels (which we could also call licorice CDs or DVDs).

 The sweet strawberry flavored red licorice wheel has a hard chewy consistency. It is fun to unwind the wheel and play around with the red licorice rope before chomping down on it. The black licorice wheel, though identical in shape, is different in terms of consistency. The black licorice is a softer, stickier, stretchier candy. In fact, the black licorice wheel looks a lot like a record with huge ridges.

Whether or not you want to revisit the licorice record past, licorice wheels are a fun and delicious candy that everyone can enjoy!

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Not Just One, but Allsorts of Licorice

February 17, 2007 by


For those of you who like licorice, there’s a great brand called Licorice Allsorts. Not only does it boast the same great taste you licorice-lovers come to expect and crave, its unique appearance adds to the fun of eating. One bag contains licorice shaped in pink, orange, blue and white cubes and sprinkled spheres. 

My very first experience with licorice was a bad one. I tried a string of black licorice when I was in kindergarten and it seemed as if I would never be able to wash that strong taste out of my mouth. That day, my teacher had to coax me with a cherry Blow-pop to calm me down. Ever since then, I have been extremely wary of any type of licorice. When I bravely decided to try Licorice Allsorts, I was pleasantly surprised by not only its welcoming designs and easy-to-eat shapes, but also by the taste. They didn’t taste at all like the black licorice string I first tasted so many years ago. 

Licorice dates as far back in history as 5000 years ever since the Chinese first thought that eating licorice root was healthy. It was even found among King Tut’s treasures! Even he was a fan of the chewy confection and found it important enough to be buried with them by his side. I am now a licorice fan. It’s fun to eat and also a great social treat for its fun colors.