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Trident & Stride Contest Winners

March 19, 2012 by

Hello to all you candy lovers out there! This weekend we hosted a giveaway featuring prizes from Trident and Stride. The entries, which now appear on product listings throughout our site, were entertaining and interesting as usual.

We’re happy to announce the winners of the $25 Visa gift cards and Trident & Stride gift packs. (Contest winners will also be notified by email.)

And the winners are:
Melanie (taunton…)
Marcy (marcyatro…)

Watch out for more contests on the way.
Perhaps a springtime scavenger hunt is in order…

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A Taste of Home in Every Bite

May 3, 2011 by

Nude Photo Shoot with GumFor those of you who are keeping up, researching the new guy here, and cyber stalking me, you already know that I once took a trip to Thailand to become a Buddhist monk. It was a heck of an exciting trip to take for many reasons. However, it was not all fun and games, not that you likely expect a lot of fun and games in a Buddhist monastery. I experienced a good bit of loneliness and culture shock there, even though I was among friends and knew a good bit about the culture I was in.

Something that helped me out was chewing gum. No, I am not making this up. I had gum for my plane ride and took to having some from time to time as a reminder of home. It was easy to find in the country, as almost every town had a 7-11, Lotte, or other convenience store. It reminded me of where I came from and gave me a little taste of home, something to savor among the sing-song syllables of a foreign land. It grounded me and made me feel a bit less lost during my stay.

Have you ever had a particular taste that reminded you of home?

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Bazooka Bubble Gum: A Hard Knock Life

January 29, 2007 by


Long gone are the days of “Bazooka zooka bubblegum.” Remember how easy it was to recognize the small red, white, and blue in the bucket at the corner store? Remember how important it was to read about Bazooka Joe while chewing hard enough to blow bubbles? I collected so many of those wrappers that I could started pasting them in a scrapbook and read through them often. But Bazooka left those simple days behind.

I ignored the strange expansion of the Bazooka line to include flavors like strawberry and grape. I even turned the other way when they decided to change the signature red, white, and blue to match the flavor of the gum. I scratched my head when I saw a Bazooka lollipop. This has gone far enough! Now even the shape of the gum is no longer intact. It has conformed to the average chewy rectangle commonly associated with Winterfresh and DoubleMint gum.

The wrapper, gum color, and shape make Bazooka chewing gum virtually unrecognizable. Yes, it tastes the same. Yes, the comics can be found in the wrappers. However, I do wish for the simple times when I could reach into a plastic bucket and pull out a handful of red, white, and blues without wondering why on earth someone would tamper with such tradition. Bazooka chewing gum is no longer a part of our simple life.