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Phish and Starburst FaveREDs, like Fish and Chips

November 24, 2009 by
Starburst Fruit Chews

Starburst Fruit Chews

Sharability: 9

Denture Danger: 8

Convenience: 9

Novelty: 6

Overall: 9

Starbursts, as the name implies, are truly bursting with flavor. During candy’s favorite holiday (Halloween) I was in Indio, California at Phish Festival 8. For those of you that don’t know, this was three days of camping out and three days of listening to the band Phish. During the Halloween night set I made sure to fill my pockets with candy because there’s never a time when candy tastes better than on Halloween AND during a Phish show.

During the set break I was lying down and I heard the people sitting next to me talking about how they were craving some candy. I had just eaten a small bag of skittles so I decided to offer them my fun size pack of Starbursts, which included a pink wrapped strawberry flavor and a red wrapped cherry.

Not only were they thankful for the offer, but I have never seen anyone enjoy a Starburst as much as these two did. They raved about how great the flavor was “Oh wow, this is better than they usually are!” the guy said. “Yeah, I just want to try and keep the flavor going for as long as I possibly can,” said his girlfriend.

They then expressed their disappointments when they had swallowed the remaining pieces of their Starburst. It made me feel great that I was able to bring such simple happiness to these people, but I can’t take the credit. The credit goes to the great taste of the candy. The chewy, sweet, juicy, and flavor filled Starbursts are a candy to be reckoned with.

Starbursts were first produced in the UK in 1960 as Opal Fruits with the flavors strawberry, orange, lemon, and lime. In 1976 production moved into the United States and were renamed to Starburst, in 1998, the Starburst name became global. The Mars company has recently merged with the Wrigley Company and this merged company is who produces the Starburst.

The Starburst FaveREDs include watermelon, cherry, fruit punch, and strawberry flavors. This is a great compilation of some of the best Starburst flavors. I remember when I was younger my friends and I would put the whole starburst in our mouth, wrapper and all, and try and unwrap the candy with our teeth and tongue. I accomplished the feat a few times but I usually ended up unwrapping the slobbery mess with my hands.

Even if it isn’t Halloween, and even if you aren’t at a Phish show, the Starburst candy is sharable, portable, and delectable, so enjoy!

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