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The Cool Kidz review Farley and Sathers, Now and Laters

Monday, May 17th, 2010 by Jon
The Cool Kidz review a tasty treat called Now & Laters

No time is better than the present and thus the Cool Kidz have decided to review a favorite candy NOW as opposed to LATER

Now and Laters  are fruit flavored sucking candies which were first produced by the Phoenix Candy Company in 1962 but are no made by  Farley’s &Sathers Company.

Originally, the slogan “Eat some now. Save some for later” was written on the wrapper; however, it was replaced by their new motto “Hard ‘n fruity now and soft ‘n chewy later.”

These delicious candies, which currently come in twenty-four flavors, can be found in packages of three or six. They were initially blue, green and red. 

We recently tried the red, (cherry, and our personal favorite) green, (apple) yellow, (banana) and purple (grape). Overall, we love these tasty treats, but let us know what you think.

“Say ‘I am’ say ‘I am wonderful” – Wonderful; Gary Go

Peace & Love,
The Cool Kidz