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A few fun facts about Halloween Candy and the American Industry

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 by Jon
A classic Brach's Halloween Advertisement from the 1950's

A classic Brach's Halloween Advertisement from the 1950's

I was just perusing a fascinating new book called Infographic: The Business of Candy when I stumbled across a few facts that I found quite interesting.  While candy is truly a sweet business, it is also a very important part of our economy as the astonishing facts will attest.

With Halloween around the corner, here are a few facts that I found interesting….

Only twenty six (26) percent of homes give out full sized candy bars and fun size bars are the most popular with Snickers being the most frequently purchased.

As a child, I remember getting an entire pillow case filled with full size bars which, despite being the son of the owner of a wholesale candy company, was quite a thrill.  I still love taking my children trick or treating but find myself underwhelmed by the size and variety of the candy. Sad…

I am not sure where my hometown of Pittsburgh ranks but Austin, Charlotte and San Antonia are the best place to go trick or treating (did you know that  ninety three (93) percent of children go trick or treating)  as the average household spends over $53 on decorations and sweets while Cincinnati is the worst as they spend only $35!

Halloween has another claim to fame as three fourths of all candy corn is sold during this season and considering that over nine billion ( 9,000,000,000 – WOW) pieces are produced annually, it is no wonder that October 30th holds the title of National Candy Corn Day!

OK, I admit to have devoted a lot of type to numbers but here is a truly amazing piece of information – Americans will spend $9 BILLION dollars on Halloween this year which averages out to approximately $20 per person!

PS: Did you know that the candy manufacturing industry in the United States  includes about sixteen hundred (1600)  companies, but just two (2)  – Hershey’s and M&M Mars / Masterfoods – make fifteen (15) of the top twenty (20) selling candy bars!