Sugar Daddy and His Babies

Monday, October 12th, 2009 by Becca Droz
At one point, Sugar Daddy Lollipops were the largest lollipop available!

At one point, Sugar Daddy Lollipops were the largest lollipop available!

Sharability: 6 (you can share his babies)

Denture Danger: 9

Convenience: 6

Novelty: 9

Overall: 7

The Sugar Daddy Lollipop was the largest lollipop of its time. Frank, a chemist at the James O. Welch Company invented the Sugar Daddy in 1925. It was called the Papa until 1932. The sugar babies were born three years later in 1935 and were soon adopted by what is now Tootsie Roll Industries.

The Sugar Daddy is a large rectangular caramel pop. My great aunt told me about how she used to love Sugar Daddies and she wasn’t even sure why, because she said that sometimes she couldn’t even bite into them.

The Sugar Daddy definitely isn’t the softest caramel candy, but it is chewy enough to successfully get stuck in your teeth. The Sugar Babies are softer and if you didn’t think the Sugar Daddy had enough sugar, the Sugar Babies were birthed with an extra coat of candy.

The coating adds a softer consistency to the little jellybean shaped babies. If you want a personal caramel candy, the Sugar Daddy is perfect, but if you want a softer more sharable version, get yourself a bag of babies and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Sugar Daddy and His Babies”

  1. Jason says:

    I gotta say that use old folks do remember when there lollipops were the biggest game in town. Though they might now be bigger, there are no necessarily better IMO.

  2. lidea says:

    Thanks so much I had to do a report on sugar daddies in thwe 70s in college and this helped a lot.

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