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A wedding candy bar at a reception hosted by one of our customers.


Create a Custom Wedding Candy Bar to Suit Your Style


The dress is chosen, the invitations engraved, the menu arranged. Now it’s time to fine-tune the details, and this is where we shine. Let us help you create a wedding candy buffet for your reception, something beautiful, fun, and memorable for you and your guests. 

Achieve an elegant and sophisticated look by layering shade after shade of white and ivory candies. This monochromatic design impresses with its understatement, stealing the show gracefully. 

Create a whimiscal candy buffet by choosing fruit candy in three shades, green, pink, and orange. Think gummi green apple rings, orange slices, and peach candy, tossing in some Bug Bites Candy Kabobs with gummi bumble bees, grasshoppers, and lady bugs to pull the scene together. 

Deepen the mood with a rich and stately display of brown, black, and ivory candies, laden with chocolate and nuts, as decadent and as formal as you care to make it. With masculine overtones, this makes a perfect alternative to a groom’s cake.

Creating wedding candy buffets is our area of expertise. With literally thousands of candies from which to choose, we can make your wedding reception just as personal and unique as you care to. We can work with any budget and help you create a sweet party experience that will be second to none. 

Don’t forget that candy buffets are also perfect for  Anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs, or any other special event. 

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Explore Our Array of Wedding Candies


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Amorini Hearts are sold in five (5) pound cases and we would be happy to mix your favorite colors prior to delivery on orders of twenty (20) pounds or more.  Certain colors, such as gold and silver, are sold in lesser quantities due to their expense.


These delicious, off-white, gummi nonpareils are great looking and actually taste like Champagne!  They are a must at any wedding candy buffet and one of our best-selling items!


These are not candy, but rather the champagne-shaped novelty that shoots streamers when a string is pulled. A festive touch to any special event.


All of our Heart Shaped Candies are available year round. Whether you favor classic conversation hearts or something a bit more sublime, like a foil-wrapped chocolate heart, we are sure you will find our selection endearing.



We carry the entire line of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and candies.

Please note that we would be happy to mix your favorite colors prior to shipment on orders of forty (40) pounds or more. Our price is lower than purchasing them directly from the manufacturer! All Jelly Belly Jelly Beans come in ten (10) pound cases.


We would be happy to mix your favorite colors prior to delivery on orders of forty (40) pounds of more. Unlike imitations offered on other sites, our Jordan Almonds are the "original" hard-shelled, matte-finished candies that originated in Italy and are often referred to as "confetti."


All M&M's ® come in five (5) pound units and are ideal for any occasion in which a specific color is needed.  These iconic candies are 100 percent genuine, have the M imprinted in the middle, and are sold in original factory packaging.

Please note that we are an independent retailer and not affiliated with, co-sponsored, or endorsed by Masterfoods USA / M&M Mars. 


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