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CandyFavorites is proud to have been chosen to exclusively distribute EDA's Sugarfree Candy, one of America’s oldest and finest sugar free candies.  As of 2017, we are their Master Distributor for wholesale purchases too. 

Established in 1957, in Brooklyn, New York, Paul Lehman had a vision of creating a great tasting sugar free hard candy for those unable to have sugar. He affectionately named his creation after his wife and thus EDA's Candies came into being.

Over the years his vision has growth to include fitness and health conscious individuals (fewer calories than ordinary brands and no fat content) as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle by a “no salt” proprietary recipe.

EDA’s proprietary process uses Sorbitol, a cool refreshing sugar substitute which occurs naturally in many fruits and berries and they constantly strives to improve their special formula.

EDA Sugarfree candies are available in 24 individual flavors as well as 4 popular mixes and their manufacturing methods eliminate stickiness and melting in the wrapper.

Gone are the days when these small delicious treats are available to the select few and now you can purchase your favorite flavors online.   

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