Sweet Deals

There’s no denying it--when it comes to candy, we’re pretty obsessed. In fact, we’d wager to say that our love of candy exceeds our love of most other things.

After all, there is nothing as great as a sweet treat to bring people together and make the day a little bit brighter. And no matter what kind of day you’re having, it’s always made better when candy is involved.

Okay, we’re thinking that we’re probably all on the same page with this one, right? And if so, you’ve come to the right place!  This page is where you can find current sales and promotions, which just might make your shopping experience a little bit sweeter.

While many candy companies offer discounts that seem amazing up front, it’s almost guaranteed that they will then tack on a huge fee for shipping, recouping any discount they appeared to be offering earlier. In the end, you end up paying more and giving your money to people who are primarily concerned with the bottom line. And that just doesn’t sound too sweet ! 

We strive to give customers the best bang for their buck. That means our discount with FREE SHIPPING is a FAR better value than what our competitors offer, which is typically a discount NOT including FREE SHIPPING.

We trust UPS to get your candies safely to your door. However, on larger purchases, the cost of shipping may end up to be 15% (or more)  of the order cost!  So, it’s easy to see how quickly that “discount” from our competitors can be eaten up by an outrageous shipping cost. 

 We whole heartedly believe that our free shipping discount allows customers to get the best value possible, and after one order, we think you’ll agree. 

Spend $1000, Get $40 Off + FREE SHIPPING

If you love candy as much as we do, then chances are that you’ll want to order a lot. For a limited time, when you spend $1000 or more, you’ll get $40 off your order as well as FREE shipping. That’s right! So, go ahead, fill up on all the essentials. 

Use promo code: CFDEAL40

Spend $750, Get $20 Off + FREE SHIPPING

When you’re in charge of purchasing candy for your next big office event, anniversary, or major life moment, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all of your bases covered. That probably means you’ll need to fill up your cart. But just because you’ve got sweet tooth cravings to satisfy, doesn’t mean you’ll want to break the bank! We can help you out. When you spend $750, we’ll give you $20 off your order and FREE shipping

Use promo code: CFDEAL20

Spend $500, Get $10 Off + FREE SHIPPING

Have a big birthday party coming up? Maybe there’s a wedding on the horizon? If so, we’re here to make your candy buying responsibilities a little bit easier. So, when you spend $500, we’ll give you $10 back and FREE shipping. 

Use promo codeCFDEAL10

Spend $89.95, Get FREE Shipping 

If there’s one thing annoying about ordering online, it’s having to pay for shipping! We understand, and we would like to make your life a little bit easier. That’s why, when you spend $89.95, we’ll make shipping FREE and that could mean a savings of up to 15% . Restrictions Apply.

$5 Same Day Shipping 

For the times when you need your candy now, we’ve got your back. You can upgrade to Rush Service for only $5 and ensure your order ships the same day it is is placed. Restrictions Apply. 

FREE ICE Packs when you select Expedited Shipping

As an added bonus, when you select an Expedited Delivery service—such as UPS 3 Day or faster—we will include ice packs with your order, for free! Now you can rest assured that your candies will be delivered in tip-top shape, in the blink of an eye.

Use promo code:  FREEICE

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