Brach's Pastel Malt Eggs, need we say more?

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  • Brach's Pastel Malt Eggs, need we say more?
  • Our Brach's Pastel Malt Eggs are packged in 3 pound bags with approximately 40 eggs per pound

Brach's Pastel Fiesta Malt Eggs - 3 lb.

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  • $30.18

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Brach's Pastel Fiesta Malted Eggs are a beautiful variation on the classic version that are beloved by so many, for so long. In soft, lovely pastel colors to accompany the season, these are a must for any well-appointed Easter basket.

The only trouble with these is a basic problem of supply and demand. Since supplies are always limited (Brach's only makes so many!), we encourage you to order early. We always sell out and we'd hate for you not to get your fair share.

To read an entertaining review of these favorite Easter candies, please go to our blog entry featuring Brach’s Fiesta Malt Eggs.

There are approximately 40 Pastel Fiesta Malted Eggs per pound. That seems like enough, but you will be surprised how quickly everybody will gobble them up!

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Brach's Pastel Fiesta Malt Eggs Brach's Pastel Fiesta Malts Eggs are a colorful classic Easter treat and are one of the hardest Easter candies to find! They sell out early, so order now.

  • Price: $30.18
Where can I find the White Eggs?
Review by Brenda , 3/31/14

Where oh where can one find Brach’s Fiesta Malted Eggs. NOT the pastel ones. The original white speckled Brach’s Fiesta malted eggs that are available only at Easter.

They have been a family favorite for as long as I can remember. It appears they are hard or impossible to find everywhere according to posts I read.

Thanks for making Easter special
Review by PatC , 3/31/14

Dear Sirs, myself and my Co - workers lover the pastel malted eggs, but we can't find them anywhere, I have looked all over and was SO HAPPY to find them here.

We order on Monday and these delicious treats arrived on Thursday and the shipping was free!

Thank you for helping to make our Easter special!

Love these Eggs!
Review by Skipper32 , 3/11/13

I shared the Brach Candy Eggs with some family members, who loved them. My mother was among the family and she was astonished that I found those candies here in Texas, haven't seen them in stores here for several years. They were delivered on time and fresh as could be. I will definately order from Candy again and again!

So glad to be able to buy these!
Review by Lou7 , 3/7/13

Yeah! Malted Milk Eggs are getting harder to find. I was unable to get them a few weeks ago and was able to be notified when they came in. Now all five of my boys will get some for their families. They remember getting them as children and want them for their children.

Review by Victoria L , 2/28/13

I use to eat these as a kid and sure miss having them at Easter and sure am glad to have found them here! Thank you Candy Favorites!

Still love these but they taste a little different
Review by Andi , 2/27/13

I have always LOVED Brachs Fiesta Malted Milk Eggs and would travel great distances to find them in years past. I feel quite safe in saying I single-handedly consumed at least 20 bags of these every year before Easter!!! This year, as I began my search for a store where I might find these delectable eggs.The searcxh wasn't easy and fortunately I found them here!

I bought 5 bags for starters and proceeded to my dig into them. I ripped open a bag and began to devour the tasty malted milk eggs that I had waited a whole year for... it took me about half the bag before I realized...something was different... the MALT!!! Don't get me I said, it took me half the bag to realize, so they are still good, but not AS GOOD as I remembered.

TAKE NOTE: TO THOSE OF US WHO TAKE OUR MALTED MILK EGGS SERIOUSLY, WE NOTICED!!! The malt seems to have a different texture and different color then in in previous years. This does not mean I will stop eating them, I am just saddened they changed? REGARDLESS, THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME VOICE MY OPINION AND YOU STILL ROCK, BRACH'S!!! NO ONE DOES EASTER CANDY BETTER!

Review by eggloverinarkansas , 6/18/12

This is my favorite candy in the world. I wait all year for these and just today thought "why not order from the company" that way I don't have to wait. I am a 76 year old diabetic, but I am not going to do without this candy!

No substitute for these
Review by Sweettooth , 6/18/12

These are the definative malted milk egg. When we were kids, they were a "must" in our Easter baskets. We called them "Sucky Eggs", because we had to suck the hard candy shell a little before we could bite through them with our little mouthes! Sticky Easter joy!

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