Valomilk Candy Cups

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Valomilk Candy Cups - 24 / Box

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Please protect your treats on their journey by adding a THERMO CASE and/or ICE PACKS when you check out.

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Valomilk Candy Cups were first created in 1931 when a candy maker added too much vanilla to a marshmallow batch. Instead of hardening when it cooled, the marshmallow remained smooth and flowing and this from a simple accident, a great candy bar was born! Think of these as a "Gourmet" version of Mallo Cups.

The candy maker poured it into milk chocolate cups (about 2" round) to contain it, and a creamy, sweet sensation was created. Valomilks still adhere to the original recipe and slogan: "When it runs down your chin, you know it's a Valomilk!" Visit our blog to find out even more about the History of Valomilk Candy Cups.

Please note that Valomilk's are extremely heat sensitive and we recommend at least three (3) ice pack per case when shipping into warm weather areas and, if possible, Expedited Shipping!

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Valomilk Candy Cups Valomilk Candy Cups are a delicious combination of chocolate and flowing marshmallow making them an instant retro candy classic!

  • Price: $42.33
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I have loved Valomilks for years!
Review by Happy04 , 3/5/14

Valomilk is a product that I have loved for years and years

Valomilk & Cherry Mash
Review by Margaret , 3/27/13

Just a note to let you know that being a New Yorker all my life, I was expecting a change in "culture" when I met someone and moved to Missouri for both he and my job. But I never knew "culture" included Vallo Milks and Cherry Mash by the case....thank God for you....I have a "63 year old 2 year old" that can't get enough of them. Who woulda thought? I can only hope I survive the summer shipping in the heat because I would hate to see a grown man weep.
Thanks for making my life a little easier!

My first Valomilk experience
Review by Rosemary , 8/27/12

After taking a bite and having the flowing marshmallow center ooze down my chin and onto my favorite sweater, I was a bit turned off by my first Valomilk experience.

After my second bite, I had a change of heart as the combination of milk chocolate and liquid marshmallow is, for lack of a better word, scrumptious.

It is hard to describe this candy other than that it is like a Mallo Cup on Steroids!

I couldn’t eat a lot of them in one sitting but they sure are unique.

An interesting use for Valomilks
Review by Allan , 8/23/12

I'm planning to squirt in a little bourbon, rum or vodka in each one as "valomilk poppers" at my next party.

The recipe is: a SMALL (1-2 cc) amount of any alcohol or liquor injected slowly into a Valomilk cup (I used the fluted edge)

This makes a delicious "popper" although a fancier name may be appropriate….

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