Star Wars Candy

On May 25, 1977 Star Wars burst onto silver screens across the country and set off one of the strongest fan base followings in movie history! CandyFavorites has super sweet deals that feed your candy craving and lock onto your love for Star Wars. Satisfy your jelly bean desires with a 12-count box of Star Wars Galaxy Mix and the Jelly Belly Star Wars Jelly Bean Machine, featuring the ever-loved Death Star Globe.

Take a walk on the dark side while you savor the mouth-watering flavor of the Star Wars Swirly Taffy Pops! PEZ has never failed to answer the call for candy lovers and Star Wars fans are armed and ready for their Galactic battles – armed with Star Wars Clone Wars PEZ Dispensers, that is! These bite sized candy pieces and collectible PEZ dispensers have always be a crowd pleaser at picnics, special events, and of course, birthday parties!

May the force be with you – and the candy always nearby!