Sugar Daddy - 24 / Box

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Sugar Daddy - 24 / Box

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Sugar Daddy candies were invented in 1925 by Robert Welch and this chewy caramel lollipop was originally named the Papa Sucker. It was one of the first caramel candies  offered in the shape of a lollipop making it quite innovative 80 plus years ago.

In 1932, the name was formally changed to Sugar Daddy as it reflected a slang term that suggested generosity and had the connotation of one who shares wealth.

The largest Sugar Daddy  manufactured was created in 1973 and weighed over twenty-two (22) pounds. From time to time, we offer a mammoth version of this candy  -- see below --   albeit one that weighs 1 lb.

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Sugar Daddy Sugar Daddy candies were invented in 1925 and 85 years later are still as delicious! Shop our great selection of retro candies here!

  • Price: $26.88
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Sugar Daddy's are part of a ritual
Review by rkarennelson , 8/5/13

I have a ritual that I do every night before going to sleep. I eat 2 Sugar Daddies while laying in bed watching the late night news. Last night I realized I only had one left - YIKES! Love those things. The only problem I have with them is that the stick comes out on the first lick. Anyway to make the stick stay in longer???

My dad loves Sugar Daddy!
Review by sandyfabyan , 1/30/13

My 89 year old dad loves the sugar daddy suckers, and its fun to watch him eat them.

Sugar Daddy
Review by Always a Favorite , 8/11/12

As a kid, my brother, our friends and I were always going to the phamacy to buy candy. Sugar Daddy's were always one of my favorites!

sugar mamas!
Review by gwen , 8/10/12

Please bring back sugar mama suckers. It was a sugar daddy covered in chocolate. I don’t understand why they even stopped making that sucker. It was my favorite of all candies of my childhood.

Best ever candy
Review by Sky , 7/21/12

When I was 8 years old I was sent away to summer camp for several weeks while my parents were away, I'd never been away from home before and was extremely homesick. We had allowances every week to buy things from the camp store and all I ever bought were Sugar Daddys and they really helped me feel better as the weeks went on. I never forgot them and love them every bit as much today.

Sugar Daddy Jumbo Lollipops
Review by Posumpete , 6/18/12

When we were kids, back in the 40's this was always my brother's and my favorite candy. My brother is ill now and has had a craving for the "original" Sugar Daddy" and they are no where to be found. I am so excited to find this site and will purchase a box to give him for Christmas. Thank you for your wonderful site. Pat

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Sugar Daddy

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