Smarties Candy Roll Wafers - 5 lb.

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Smarties Candy Roll Wafers - 5 lb.

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Smarties are a classic candy known as "candy pills"  to some. Sweet and tart, Smarties are still beloved today.

Did you know that in other countries, Smarties are sold in different colors than they are in the U.S.? In England, Smarties are a chocolate-covered candy similar to M&M's. That makes us want to take a trip to the UK but don't be dismayed if you don't find what you are looking for as the closest thing resembling a smarties in the UK is a candy called a Fizzer.

There are approximately 70 Smarties Candy Roll Wafers per pound and as an added bonus, each package has about 25 calories!

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Smarties Candy Roll Wafers Smarties are a classic candy often known as "candy pills." These candies are an addictive sweet treat that everybody loves!

  • Price: $22.03
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Review by Dan , 7/18/13

My sister and I used these as medicine, when we were kids. You can NEVER get tired of them

Buying Smarties from CandyFavorites is a smart move
Review by Matijoe , 6/24/13

This is the only website that I found that offers free shipping. I love the candy Smarties and every website I went to wanted to charge me more for the shipping than the actual cost of the candy.

I use Smarties to teach kids not to bully.
Review by velateguib , 4/3/13

I purchase products every year as party of an anti-bully lesson. The candy helps me get the point across that people, like smarties, are all the same on the inside and if you know the "tootsie pop facts" about the impact of bullying you would never engage in this hurtful behavior!Thanks for the help!

Smarties are the best
Review by sandy , 9/2/12

I remember thinking smarties were the best, and chocolate was nothing to me, I loved getting the smarties but my favorite memory was/is of Mrs. R who always handed out smarties, and the big kids got one roll and the little kids got a handful- as she said they needed smarties power. Smarties to me were the bomb, little did I know how affordable they were- they were fancy to me and I loved them.

Smarties are the best
Review by sandy , 9/2/12

I remember loving the houses with the smarties, nope not the chocolate but the smarties and there was one lady who always gave the little kids more smarties because they needed smartie power. The big kids got a roll but little kids got a handfu -l- and I mean handful. I loved smarties growing up and thought they were worth a million. Little did I know how affordable they were. To me they were big in taste and fun to eat. Happy Boo Day All!

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Smarties Candy Roll Wafers

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