Hot Weather Shipping Suggestion

Keep Your Candies Cool!

Candy is perishable and can melt during delivery into or through hot areas.

We Recommend that you:

  • Check out our Hot Weather Shipping FAQ.
  • Order at least one Ice Pack for each candy item you order. 
  • Order a Thermo Case to add insulation and prevent breakage for fragile candies. (A Thermo Case alone won't keep candies cool. The ice packs control the temperature.)
  • Upgrade to expedited shipping if time in transit is longer than 3 days. Visit UPS to find out your estimated time in transit. Our Zip is 15132.
  • If you upgrade to UPS 3-day or faster, we'll include ice packs for FREE!
  • Have candy delivered to an air conditioned location where it won't be left outside.
  • Note that we do not accept responsibility for heat-related damages, and we do not ship chocolate items during the summer if they will be in transit for more than 3 days.