Junior Mints - 24 / Box

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Junior Mints - 24 / Box

  • Item #: 7558
  • 24 / Box
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  • $24.83

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Chocolate and mint. Yet again we arrive at a beautiful taste combination. It's amazing, really, how delicious these two flavors are when you put them together. Don't you ever wonder who the first person was to think of eating chocolate and mint in a single bite? We certainly do! But if you can't spend all day pondering the origins of candy favorites, then you should probably just buy these Junior Mints.

The easiest way to enjoy the chocolate-mint combination that everyone knows and loves, Junior Mints are delicious with a capital 'd.' These candies are quite the retro favorite, as they've been around for over 60 years! And when something sticks around for that long, you know they must be doing something right, right? Of course! Don't believe us? Order a few and try 'em for yourself.