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Let’s pump you up. We have enough energy candy to keep you moving, whether it’s Kabang Energy Candy with vitamins or caffeine candy with a kick.

Energy candy from Jelly Belly, Jelly Belly Sport Beans, makes a good excuse to have something that tastes great while providing carbohydrates and electrolytes. They're so much more convenient than bottles of water. In three great flavors, these are perfect for tossing into your gym bag or pockets, and fun for little athletes, as well.

Our caffeinated candy includes Jolt Gum, Javapop Coffee Lollipops, Ed Hardy Coffee Rocks, and the luscious Coffee Mallows, some of which have as much caffeine as an espresso shot. We also have a Javapop Lollipops Gift Basket that makes a perfect present for any coffee lover.

Whether you need electrolytes and vitamins or straight caffeine to keep you going, we have it all here, ready to ship right to your doorstep. You won’t even have to change the coffee filter.

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