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The 1920’s were interesting times as an overall sense of prosperity swept through the nation following the end of World War One which was supposed to be the war to end all wars.

Skyscrapers started popping up on the horizon and writers with familiar last names such as such as Fitzgerald, Joyce and Hemingway penned their finest novels while Marcel Duchamp, the namesake of our company, and Pablo Picasso burst onto the art scene forever changing the way we look at art.

Winnie the Pooh made his first appearance in children's literature and George Gershwin composed his famous masterpiece “Rhapsody in Blue” and lest we forget to mention that first Radio Broadcast occurred on KDKA which is located in our hometown in Pittsburgh, PA. In sum, these were heady times fueled with energy and expectations!

If you are looking for a candy bar that best captures the exuberance of the “roaring twenties”, we would point you in the direction of Charleston Chews which were invented in 1922 and named after the dance craze that captivated the nation. Vanilla Charleston Chews surely won the dance marathon and it wasn’t for another fifty years until flavors such as chocolate and strawberry started to cut the rug. At one point, Charleston Chews were available in Banana but, sadly, that flavor didn’t have the stamina to go to the distance.

Fortunately, we offer the three best selling flavors….and have for over fifty years.

Swing on over and read more about the roaring history of Charleston Chew here!

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