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Rock candy is one of the oldest types of candy in existence. If you guessed that rock candy dates back to the Stone Age, we give you credit for a good sense of humor, but you’d be incorrect. Nevertheless, some of the earliest references to such candy date back to the 1200’s, making it the first candy classic.

In its modern incarnation, rock candy in its many colors and varieties, loose (smaller crystals) or on strings (chunkier crystals), makes a great decorative item that tastes fabulous, too. We call that a multi-tasking candy.

Spread some out on a pretty table, wrap a string around the Christmas tree, mix and match your favorite colors for centerpieces, wedding and shower buffets, or candy gift bags. With flavors like Pink Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Blue Raspberry, Lime, and Watermelon, nobody will really care how you use them as long as they get to eat some. If only everything were as easy.

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