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In this era of a million varieties of everything, there are mints and then there are MINTS. There are small candies that briefly freshen breath, and then there are bursts of nostalgic flavor that conjure childhood memories and whisk us back to a simpler time. This section is devoted to the classic candies lovingly crafted by Brach's. Among their parade of old-fashioned stars are Ice Blue Mint Coolers, Cinnamon Disks, and Peppermint and Spearmint Starbrite Mints.

Unlike other candy manufacturers, Brach’s spares no expense in ensuring consistent flavor. Their mints are meant to taste very different from their competitors. Starbrite Mints are made using real peppermint oil -- not a cheaper flavor additive -- and Cinnamon Disks are made used real cinnamon.

Brach’s Ice Blue Mint Coolers have long been one of our favorites. Few hard candies are as refreshing or have such long-lasting flavor, and it could be because their secret recipe includes real Peppermint oil. The mildly sweet, refreshing mint flavor of Ice Blue Mint Coolers has never been successfully duplicated although many have tried in vain.

There are lots of reasons to love Brach's, but our favorite is that the company remains committed to providing only the best-tasting candies made from the best ingredients. Few other companies can make such a claim!

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