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We could start our section about Brach’s Caramels by extolling the virtues of these super soft and chewy caramels, made with fresh milk, but that would be stating the obvious. 

Everyone knows that Brach’s Milk Maid Caramels are the best and a must for any caramel apple recipe, but few are aware that these caramels were controversial when they were introduced in 1904 by Mr. Emil Brach.  

Controversial Caramel

You might be asking yourself, “How could something so simple be controversial?”  

The first candies sold by Brach’s were wrapped caramel squares that retailed for a whopping 20 cents per pound. This may not seem like much today, but over 100 years ago, such a price was extremely expensive. Critics critiqued and customers rolled their eyes. Many thought Brach's couldn't withstand the buzz. But once people got a taste, they couldn't resist the caramel goodness. In a very short period of time, Brach's small cubes of caramel delight became one of the best selling candies of all time. Thus the stellar reputation of Brach’s Candy was born. 

From Caramels to Royals 

Brach’s Royals hit the scene years later and like all great candies, developed a cult following.   Made with fresh milk and available in a mixture of seven flavors, you can rest assured that these don’t last long and that you your colleagues at the water cooler are debating what is the best flavor. 

Whether you prefer the delicious taste of Brach’s original Milk Maid Caramels or the esoteric flavors of Brach’s Royals, this section of Brach’s Caramels is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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