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The Cool Kidz taste candies inspired by fruit flavors and shapes

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 by Jon
The Cool Kidz taste gummi raspberries and blackberries and runts....

The Cool Kidz taste gummi raspberries and blackberries and runts....

Fruit appears to love being transformed into candy and this week, we tried soft  gummi raspberries and blackberries and runts

The soft berries came in two flavors: raspberry and blackberry which are soft chewy candies, surrounded by small dots. The first bite is different, as the candies have a weird texture but once you reach the center, the flavor is revealed and the candies taste noticeably better.

The raspberries were very sweet, and did not resemble raspberries at all. Emily enjoyed them, but claims she would not buy them at a supermarket while  Brooke believes, these little gummies are unappealing and do not taste very good.  The blackberries on the other hand were a lot less prevalent in the bag and we both agreed that they were not as good.

At first, they taste the same, but, however, after they have disappeared they taste weird and have a gross after taste. Then we ate the Runts, which Emily points out, “The flavoring is not very strong so you need to eat more than one at a time.” to which Brooke added, “you want to just eat it, but because they are hard candies they take a while to finish.”  Runts come in many flavors: banana, cherry, orange, grape, and apple and while they are delicious in their duration, their aftertaste is not as good.

“I never thought I could have it so good, you were the song that my soul understood” – Joy; Phish

Peace & Love,
The Cool Kids.

The Cool Kidz Review Gummi Fruit Salad

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 by Jon
The Cool Kidz share their opinions about Gummi Fruit Salad

The Cool Kidz share their opinions about Gummi Fruit Salad

We’re Back!

Recently, we have tried  gummi fruit salad, which consisted of sour watermelons, apples and cherries.

These candies were good,however, their was a clear distinction between the best and the worst. The best being sour watermelons, which are classic and are sold everywhere and are delicious.  However, they are not sour, at all. According to one of our mothers named Frannie, “they should be called sweet watermelons!”

 In spite of that, they are very good. In our opinion the next best is sour apples. They are moderately sour. And worst of all, but not horrible, are the sour cherries. These red bite sized pieces are interesting in flavor, but the most sour of all three.

Overall, these candies are definitely addictive, but their titles can be misleading as they are not very sour whatsoever.

Oh babe I’m in the mood for you”  – Bob Dylan; Baby I’m In The Mood For You

Peace & Love,
The Cool Kids.

Haribo Gummi Bears are the “Gold” Standard

Monday, July 13th, 2009 by Jon
Haribo Gummi Bears were invenetd in the 1920's

Haribo Gummi Bears were invented in the 1920's

Despite hundreds of unwrapped bulk items, Gummi Bears remain one of our best selling items and, love or hate them; they are a candy with a unique taste and history.

Gummi Bears were created in Germany during the 1920’s by Hans Riegel, the founder of Haribo, and were originally called Tanzbar which loosely translates to “dancing bear.”

The original gummi dancing bear was longer and leaner than today’s gummi bears and an unsubstantiated claim is that this influenced one of the logo’s of the famous pop band, The Grateful Dead.  It wasn’t until 1951 that the design changed to the current style.

An interesting piece of overlooked trivia is that the name HARIBO is an amalgamation of the owner’s first name (HA), his last name name (RI) and a tribute to the town in Germany, Bonn, (BO) where the company was located.

Haribo Gummi Bears were quite a rarity as the original ones, known as Gold Bears, were imported and had “cult status”.  It wasn’t until 1982 that Haribo began producing gummi candies in America.

Despite a World War and three (3) generation of ownership, Haribo remains one of the largest gummi candy producers in the world creating approximately eighty (80) million gummi bears a day for global distribution!

Herman Goelitz, of Jelly Belly fame, is also credited with making the first gummi bear; however, a distinction needs to be noted as he was the first person to make Gummi Bears in North America which occurred in 1981.